A Kindergarten Smorgasboard of QR Codes!!

I have a confession to make.  I am a big ole teaching nerd.  Total teaching nerd.  I love all things teaching (teaching not the insanity we call education and administration…the real teaching in my classroom where I’m making a difference.  You know what I mean.)  I love writing MY plans.  I love buying stuff for my classroom (the mister can vouch for this!).  I love creating resources.  I love reading blogs and books and researching ideas, strategies, tips and new things to try.  I love bringing technology into my classroom.  If it’s teaching related I am all over it.  Like I said TEACHING NERD! And I own it.  And I’m proud of it.

So, with that being said.  I am so excited to share this new technological tool for the classroom.  I was introduced to this at the store, the theatre, on my shampoo (Axe Dandruff Control!) bottle…they’re everywhere.  Then my friend Mrs. Parker from Learning With Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Crowder from Sprinkles To Kindergarten shared a couple of creations with me that used this piece of technology and I was ADDICTED!  Seriously.  My printer couldn’t print fast enough!

What is this technology that has glitter spewing from me in excitement?!?!  It’s this little thing…

I know, right?!  This is called a QR Code!  You’ve probably seen them all over the place.  If you download a FREE QR Code reader on your phone, it will “read” the code and give you information.  If you scan this code you will be directed to my blog.  
So, how does this work for a classroom?  
How about sight words?  CVC Words?  Ten frames?  Addition and Subtraction?  The possibilities are endless.
This is what got me hooked.  Mrs. Parker shared this QR Code resource with me.  The students scan the code and it displays a CVC word.  They read the word and match the picture!  Holy cow…people…words cannot describe the pure excitement   OMG!  The response from my monster “Oprah” was this:  “This is the coolest center EVER!”  Mrs. Parker made me even more of a rockstar!   The Kindergarten Smorgasboard will never be the same!  And seriously  what a fun way to meet some common core standards!

Technology in the classroom is powerful.  It should be embraced.  And brain research says that things that are new and novel help students learn better.  How novel and new is this?  And how relevant is it to our students who are surrounded by technology and video games?!  
If you have an iPad or a smart phone I highly recommend trying this out in your classroom.  I understand not everyone is techy and we don’t all have access to technology but if you can, give it a shot!  MR. GREG SAYS SO!!!!    (PS  Your phone/iPad/tablet must have internet to read QR codes!  Our wireless in our school is LAME so I let the monsters use my phone.  While sitting at my table.  With me glaring at them.)  Yes it’s risky but it’s worth it when you see the pure excitement they have for what they’re learning!
I whipped up this freebie for you so you can try QR codes in your classroom!  Check it out!  (Click the picture to go my TPT store to get your freebie!)
Students scan the code and it shows them a subtraction problem.  They write the problem and answer on their recording sheet!
Will you use or try QR codes in your classroom?  
If QR codes were included in my common core creations would you be interested?  
Or does Mr. Greg need to put away the glitter and the excitement and go lay on the new sectional that was delivered today?!  
I would love to hear your honest feelings and thoughts about these new learning tools!  Ready?  DISCUSS!

For more information on QR codes and setting them up and using them, visit my friends because they are the experts who shared this amazing tool!

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