Happy Saturday!  It’s a beautiful day here in Nashville!!  The sun is shining…it’s warm…it makes me want spring really really bad.  But of course, tomorrow it rains and they’re even saying a chance of freezing rain Monday morning…for reals…just get warm and stay warm!
Here is the Saturday Kindergarten Post for this week.  A full  day week with assessments, running records, report card data to collect and the end of the 9 weeks art party!  Yowza was I exhausted last night!  The mister went to dinner and I slept in the recliner!  People, my life as a kindergarten teacher is exciting….it doesn’t get much more exciting than a Frida night in a recliner.  And…AND…get this..my hips are sore.  My hips.  I was on my feet all day yesterday (no guided reading or math groups so I didn’t sit down all day…) and my hips are sore.  Geez.  I’m old.  That is all.
Now, here’s what we did this week…Pigs, The Three Little Pigs, wind and weather, addition and subtraction, and we measured St. Patrick’s Day and we had an art party.  
This week we read and compared different versions of the three little pigs!  We had a blast with all of the different stories.  We also researched pigs and completed our pig research journal.  We were amazed at all of the things we learned about pigs.  Did you know pigs are smarter than dogs?  And pics are actually very clean animals?  If you bring a pig into you house it will be super clean?  I’m not sure I can eat pork again people.  Pigs can do tricks.  Poor piggies.
(Click the pictures to see more about my Here Piggy Piggy creation!)
To accompany our three little pigs adventures, we started our study of the weather.  What better weather to discuss than the wind?  Ya know, with all of the huffing and puffing.  We kicked off by making a chart of all of the weather words we could come up with!
Then we talked about the wind and how the wind blows and and can even blow things around.  Then we got to be the wind!  Seriously, we had a BLAST!
We pre diced how far we could blow a feather if we were the wind.  Then we used a straw and blew that feather as far as we could!  We recorded our answers and compared them to our original estimates!
We also learned about clouds.  We read The Cloud Book by Tomie DePaola and discussed four types of clouds.  We learned how clouds formed from water and ice.  We learned how clouds got full of water and made rain or snow.  And we made cloud people!  
I love these cloud people!  The hands-on and visual reminder is great for helping the ‘staches remember the four cloud types we learned!  
We also did our Mad Science Friday science experiment with clouds.  We made our own cumulonimbus clouds and made it rain!
To do this experiment you need small cups filled with water about 3/4 of the way up.  Then you put a cloud of shaving cream.  The thicker you made the cloud the longer it takes for the rain to happen.  Next, add “water” to the cloud.  The water is just blue food coloring.  And then you wait.  This is a great discussion on how the clouds need lots of water and it can take time for the clouds to fill up with water.  Eventually the food coloring soaks through and makes it rain.  When this happens, it’s an instant OOOOOH AND AAAAHHH moment.  Seriously, the ‘staches were blown away!   Cheap, simple and memorable, people!
We also did a little measuring!  We measured St. Patrick’s Day!  I love that we have measured so much this year that:  A) they ask for more!  B) they know where to put the ruler and how to measure and record their answers  C) We know height and width!  I love these measuring packs as a way to spend 1 math lesson learning about measurement.  

(Click the picture to see my Measuring St. Patrick’s Day creation!)
We also made pigs in blankets for Foodie Fun Friday!  We used crescent rolls and little smokies!  We rolled the pigs in the blankets, cooked em up and just like the big bad wolf, we chowed down on some little piggies!
And no Mr. Greg did not put a piece of paper in the toaster oven and almost start a fire.  That never happened.  Allegedly.
We also learned about the letter X this week so of course, we made X-ray hats!  
And we celebrated the end of the nine weeks with an art party!  We had three rooms and each kindergartener signed up for their 2 choices.  They could paint on my room, make a shamrock in one room or do free art in another room.  We had a blast!  I just love the paintings that they created!!!  
I also love that one of my TBFFs used my green noodles and GLITTER! to make shamrocks!  Glitter makes it all better!
And that my friends was our week!

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Happy Saturday!  I just got home from my final grad school class for my ELL certification.  No more Friday night and Saturday classes!  Just 3 assignments to complete and I am FINISHED!  WOOHOO!!
So, here was our week:  Monday:  Ice day.  Tuesday:  Ice day.  Wednesday:  Surprise Ice Day.   Yep, just two days in the classroom.  Soooooo I scrapped the plans for the week and whipped up a little Dr. Seuss fun (even though I’m anti Seuss…) and worked on report card assessments.  So here’s what we did in two short and CRAZY days!
Of course we cooked Green Eggs and Ham!  We read Green Eggs And Ham.  We graphed if we like green eggs and ham.  PS  I love the egg graph.  LOVE IT!!!!

We made Thing 1 And Thing 2 hats!!!  Love these hats!!!  How cute are my little ‘staches in their hats?!

We did our circle map for W!  I love this for sounds because it reviews the sound and syllables and spelling words.  Love it!

Of course we made hats…W means WIGS!

We drew pictures of words that begin with W.  We came up with witch, windy, watermelon, whale, weird and well.  I love this activity because it gives the ‘staches a chance to review the sound and apply that sound.  I also love all of the fun pictures and variations on the same pictures!
We also did A LOT of centers for two days.  Report cards=assessments=centers=engaged learners!
It’s almost March Madness time so why not bring that madness into our centers?!

This is my newest word building creation.  My struggling readers have rocked this center this week.  One of the ‘staches build, wrote and read 20 CVC-E words during centers Thursday and she was beside herself with excitement.  I love seeing them cherish their aha moments!!  PRICELESS!

A little luck o’ the Irish!  We are working on those dreaded teen numbers quite a bit!  

Who doesn’t love QR codes?!

My highest readers took the new What Does The Fox Say Blends Edition centers and went blends crazy!!  They’re loving them and they’re doing so well with their blends!
And finally, some segmenting practice!  I love that this not only lets them practice segmenting but also incorporates graphing!!  
And finally it was Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character day so I dressed as my most favorite book ever!  Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs!  Of course we also read the book!  
And that’s our week!

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Happy Saturday!  It’s time for the Saturday Kindergarten Post!  Our weekly peek into all the chaos and learning in the land of the mustaches.  I was so excited for a nice, normal 5 day week with no special this or special that.  No days off or weird weather.  Just 5, 8 hour days with the ‘staches to settle into our routine.  BAM!  Stomach virus.  So much for that normal 5 day week.  But we got a lot accomplished.  
We’ve moved onto unit 2 of Writing Throughout The Year so we’re now making our first book and man, are we stoked.  We’re so stoked that this is the best writing I’ve seen them produce to date!!!  We’re mastering our long vowel/cvc-e words.  We’re mastering addition and subtraction word problems.  And most importantly, we’re masters of the hand washing and hand sanitizing.  I’m pretty sure we went through 3 large bottles of sanitizer Friday.  No.  more. germs.  Got it??
So, who’s ready to see what our week was like?  Minus the gory details of THE VIRUS!?  Unless you want details…then I can share with you…
This week we learned about African American leaders.  I have to admit that Jackie Robinson is on of my faves to teach.  I love baseball and so I love his story.  We read about him and we made these super cute jerseys.  The idea came from my teammate, Mrs. B.  How awesome is this?!

This week was also all about teeth.  We learned about the dentist and taking good care of our teeth.  We made tree maps about the dentist and the tooth fairy.  Did you know that the tooth fairy gives you gold and silver teeth?!  True story.  We used our tree maps to write about the tooth fairy.  And we used the writing as part of a super fun and super cute tooth fairy creativity!!!  How freakin’ cute are these guys and gals?!?!?!
We also collected and analyzed data on lost teeth.  We surveyed 10 of our friends on whether they had lost teeth or not.  We then completed our recording sheet complete with pie chart and data analysis.  We also made a class graph to visualize our data.  Can you believe we still have 1 person who has not lost a tooth?!?!   
PS  Mr. Greg doesn’t mind blood, vomit, body fluids or other kindergarten messes…but the loose, wiggly tooth will send me to the floor cold in an instant.  Seriously…that grosses me out.  Just writing this is making me woozy….teeth…blech.
This awesome dental health and tooth fairy goodness came from First Grade Fever!  
We made our V words circle map.  Vote, volcano, vulture, violin, van, violet, vet, Vanderbilt.  
We later spelled the words and counted the syllables.  One day, I will make sure to get a picture of the finished circle map.
And of course, we made hats.  You must make a silly hat!  V for volcano.  It’s ironic…Monday we made a volcano hat.  Wednesday Mr. Greg felt like an erupting volcano.
And since I didn’t get to post Wednesday or Thursday centers, here’s a peek at our centers for the week!

 And now my Currently!
The mister has washed and dryer every piece of cloth in the house trying to eliminate the germs.  He was so good while I was so sick.  And he wore his little doctor mask any time he came around me…and last night if I came near him he sprayed me with Lysol…he’s still not getting close to me today…allegedly you’re contagious for 3 days after you were last sick…today is day 3.  
You see, I have a brain that never stops.  It’s why I don’t sleep a lot…last night I was lying in bed and BAM I had an idea for a super cute and fun pig week project…then it took…ideas, activities…even ordered books on Amazon!  Thanks Amazon Prime and One Click Purchasing!  Stay tuned…
I have super nice Canon camera…bought a super cool new lens…just need to figure out how to take super cool pictures…
I truly am blessed beyond all that I deserve.  That is all.
Three things.   They all have something in common?!

Be sure to head over to my friend Farley (even though she took the mustaches off her blog…ugh!) and check out all of the other great Currently posts and tell Farley to bring back the stache!

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  • Reply jeanieb March 15, 2014 at 7:14 pm

    It's beautiful here in Sparks, NV, too. Loved “getting to know you” on the You-tube video. Thanks for sharing and all your wonderful ideas!! You have been my hope on my days of Kindergarten craziness and you make me smile and laugh….thanks!

  • Reply jbales March 16, 2014 at 1:16 pm

    Dear Mr. Smedly- you are too cool for school. In my next life, I want to be one of your “staches”. What a wonderful, fun, learning experience they have in your classroom every day.

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