Teacher tip #82719 to increase engagement and excitement:  CHOCOLATE!!!
Seriously…when we figured out we needed CHOCOLATE BUNNIES for today’s graphing activity…it was on.  The ‘staches couldn’t contain themselves.  
Each stache got a chocolate bunny.  I found them at WalMart for $1 each.  They also have 3 packs of smaller bunnies for $1.
Next, we took one bite.  We could bite his ears, nose, tail (butt as we giggled…) or leg.

After we took one bite, we graphed our results on our class graph.

Surprisingly, the ear was bit off the most!  
And finally, we analyzed our data and completed our own graphs!
Epic fun.  Math.  Common core.  Chocolate.  Did I mention chocolate?!
Click the picture to get your free bunny graphing activity!
Here is a FREE and differentiated count the room freebie!  

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