It’s apple pickin’ time!   (No really…it needs to hurry up and be apple picking time becuase I’m over the heat and humidity!)  
I’m super excited to share are apple fun with you!   We learned about apples…we did Thinking Maps…we labeled…we cooked…we painted…we ate at our apple party!!!    We rocked out the apple week!
This is our very first schema map of the year!!!  I am super proud of how well the ‘staches did!   We did our schema (What our brains already know about apples) and then we added new learning as the week went on.  We also addressed any misconceptions we had about apples!  
We did apple math!  We read Ten Apples Up On Top!  Then we drew an apple from the bag and we had to put that many apples on our head!   
Ya’ll I’ve done this for 7 years and this year is my favorite.  I’ve used all kinds of apples…even made my own apple stickers.  This year I bought these apple stickers from Teacher Created Resource and BAM!  Love how it turned out!  
We did apple prints.  Of course.  It’s a requirement.
If you’re doing apple week, you must do apple prints!
I was so impressed with how almost all of my ‘staches did apple prints in patters and rows and not just stampin apples everywhere!   I just love how their minds work!  (Don’t worry…We had the mad stampers and my favorite the apple rubber who rubbed their apple all over the paper!)
Now ya’ll know I love me a good mess.  But people, apple prints can be INSANELY messy!   I was so worried, I took off my cute button down shirt and my cusser says:  “Mr. Greg I love your shirt!”  Who knew a white undershirt was so fancy?!
BUT this year, I popped a fork into the apples for handles…and people, apple prints was so clean and fun and no stress!!!  BRILLIANT!  (Thanks for the tip Life Over Cs!)

And of course we ate a lot of apple treats!
We made applesauce!  The ‘staches do the peeling and cutting (with plastic knives!)!   Then we add in sugar, cinnamon, apple juice and water!   We let our applesauce cook all day and we eat it and love it!
This year we also tasted apples and graphed our favorite!  And yes, the sour granny smith apple was our favorite!  I love my unique little ‘staches!
We also had apple pies…apple cider…and apple juice!  It was an apple party up in our room!  AND yes, that is a homemade apple pie!  When it was delivered in the morning it was still warm!!!  YUMMY!!
And we even did apple hippopotamuses/centers!
We had our apple sensory bin with apple scented rice!
Click the picture to see how I made our sensory bin with PVC pipe!

Recipe:  rice, red food coloring, apple pie spice!  Add rice and a red food coloring to a ZipLoc bag.  Shake!  When it’s red enough, add in apple pie spice and a few drops of water.  Shake!  Add more food coloring if desired!  
Repeat with green food coloring!  
And that is apple week!!!   
Check out our Apple Research Project which is where all of our activities and centers are from!

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