Toss An Equation! Math Game!

If you read this crazy blog (you know…the ramblings of Mr. Greg…) you know how much I love this toss game I found at Dealz for $10.  
I’ve used it for letters, sounds, sight words and cvc words!  And now…we’re going to use it for adding and subtracting!
It’s pretty easy to set up since I already have Velcro on the actual game!
Print some numbers. (FREEBIE BELOW)
Cut apart.
Add Velcro.
BAM!   New math game ready to go!
I only included numbers 0-5 so we will never go over 10 when adding, but if you wanted to go higher, you could include numbers to 10!  In upper grades, simply add in a multiplication and division sign!  BAM!  
Here’s how we will use the game:
I’ll have my students give each of the spinners a spin, including the middle spinner.  
Then they will have to write all of the equations on their recording sheet.  
Spin again.  Write.  Spin.  
This will be great for helping them identify plus and minus and for remembering that the biggest number goes first when we subtract!
Click the recording sheet to get your freebies!  (Includes the numbers and recording sheet!)
For my other toss games, check out these posts:
You can also find the toss game on Amazon!  (Click the picture!)


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