Ice Pop Letter Shakers!

Greetings from 30,000 feet in the air!   I have officially kicked off a month of nonstop travel!   Pennsylvania…Orlando…Las Vegas…Chicago…and I arrive home 3 days before teachers report for duty!!!!   EEK!  But I love having the opportunity to visit teachers and share my passion for teaching and kids!

One thing i’m passionate about is less work which means more time for learning.  I’m all about keeping things simple in the classroom.  That means more success and learning for our stuents and less prep work for us.  If you use my creations you know I create them to be done the same way all year.  The only thing that changes is the skill and the clipart.   This means you introduce centers at the beginning o the year and you’re good to go for the rest of the year.  I also like to use weird items to make hands on centers (cuz I’m weird) with the same idea.  Those weird items can be adjusted to teach skills all year!

Enter the .92 cent ice pop makers from WalMart!

I bought 4 of these so there would be enough for all 26 letters.

I had some letter beads from other projects.  I mean who doens’t have letter beads in their house…that’s a normal thing, right?!

I put some rice into the ice pop trays.  Added beads and a little  more rice.

Snapped the lids on.  The lids fit pretty securely but I did add some tape so they don’t pop open!

BAM!  Letter shakers!   Students can find the letter, identify the letter and use the recording sheets to color the letter!

And guess what?  This can be used all year!  CVC word building…CVC-E words…sight words…numbers…adding…subtracting!   And it only cost me $4 and about 30 minutes of work!

Fun!  Simple!  Engaging!   Low prep for teachers!  PERFECTION!

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