School Bus Cookies!

In our classroom every Friday is Foodie Fun Friday!   Every Friday we cook or make a snack.  This means I’m guiding the students in making the snack.  It’s a very hands on process that is a very powerful lesson each week.  We learn to listen and follow directions.  We learn about recipes and ingredients and measurement.  We learn new vocabulary and we have great conversations which are vital to our students learning language and conversation skills!
And it’s messy!   And ya’ll know how much we love to make a mess.  And we get to eat.  And who doesn’t love to eat?!  hehe
We start our Foodie Fun Friday on our first Friday of the school year with our beloved school bus cookies!
Here’s what you need:
Graham crackers!  (Spring for the name brand!   Trust me.  I love store brands but I’ve had bad experiences with whole boxes of busted graham crackers.  Busted crackers means busted school buses.  No fun.)
Vanilla frosting (don’t refrigerate it!)
square pretzels or Chex cereal
Mini Oreos
food coloring
The first thing we do is talk about school buses (vocabulary) and what color they are.  Then I show the ‘staches the icing and we talk about the fact that it’s white and how to make it yellow.   I show them food coloring and we talk about what food colring is and how we use it (more vocabulary)!
Then I add yellow food coloring to the icing and we mix it up.  Lots of ooooohs and aaaaahs.  See…it’s the simpe things in Kindergarten!
Then the kids use plastic knives (after a safety talk) to spread icing on their graham crackers!  Yes they use knives.  Yes it’s ok.  No we have yet to lose a finger or suffer a cut.    Did I mention this great fine motor practice?!
Next we add wheels using mini Oreo cookies!
Then we add our pretzels for windows!
And then we get to eat!  In our classroom we have a rule that “we eat as a family” because we’re a big happy family and families eat together! 
If you have allergies in your class you will need to adjust recipes and the food you use in your class!

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