As part of our Sight Word 60 we do a sight word game or activity on Friday.  I’m always looking for simple, fun and engaging games to play.  And this is how Spider Sight Words came about.

You see what had happened was I was shopping at Target and I saw this giant spider web so of course I bought it.  Then I put our sight words on some cute spiders.  The great thing about this game is that you can use sight words, letters, sounds, numbers or shapes!   You can put any skill onto the spiders and practice the skill using this game.   Ya’ll know I like simple and fun and games and activities that can be used for many skills and standards!

spider sight words

spider sight words

We used our Scentsy Buddy, Archie The Arachnid.  We toss the spider onto the web.  (If you’re not using Scentsy buddies in your classroom, you need to!  They are cute stuffed animals with a scent pack inside of them.  I use lavender and peppermint as a relaxing scent for our time our spot!)

sight word games

When Archie lands on a sight word, we pick the word up off the web and read the word.  If we need help, we show the word to our friends and they help us read the spider sight word!

reading-spider-sight-words spider-sight-word-game

We had so much fun with this game!  Lots of learning and laughing!  The ‘staches loved “climbing” on a spider web while learning our spider sight words!

Spider Sight Word Game

Check out this video to see the spider sight word game in full swing!

If you’re looking for more sight word resources, check out these creations!

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  • Reply Frances November 5, 2016 at 2:24 pm

    Love that game!!!! I need that spider web. We just worked on spiders last week, but I’d gladly keep it going if I had that web and game idea. Thanks for sharing!

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