Addition And Subtraction Toss

Ya’ll know I love a good game to teach or practice skills.  I love keeping my kids engaged.  But you also know I love making it simple.  I mean, work smarter not harder!   Ya’ll also know I love a game or idea or activity that can be used for many skills and over the course of the year.  That’s why I love tossing addition and subtraction.  Easy.  Year long.  VERY low prep.  No cost.

So what’s this magical game for practicing addition and subtraction?   Well in our class we called Cupid Addition and Cupid Subtraction because we did it around Valentine’s Day.  BUT you can make use this idea at any time of the year.  All you need are plates numbered to 10.  And something to toss like a fake flower or a bean bag or a small stuffed animal.  Anything really.

We used pink plates.  I cut the numbers out with my Cameo machine.  But of course you can just write them on the plate or use mailing labels.

Because this addition and subtraction game was done around Valentine’s Day we used fake roses as our object to toss.

It’s really simple.  Place the plates on the floor.  Students toss your object onto 2 plates.  Use those numbers to add or subtract.  You can easily differentiate the game by adding or subtracting to 5.  You can have the students writing the equations on whiteboards or recording sheets.  In the videos below, you’ll see how one of the games the students are writing the equations and one of the games I am writing the equations.

The best part is that you can modify this game for letters, sounds, sight words, shapes, names, and so much more!  All you need are some plates and something to toss!

Check out the videos of my class playing Cupid Addition and Cupid Subtraction!

Cupid Addition

Cupid Subtraction

For more addition and subtraction resources, check out these creations!

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