Light Table Letter Activities

Sensory learning experiences are a necessary part of any classroom. That’s why we use a light box or light table in the classroom. Our DIY light box allows students a hands on learning experience with a sensory experience. We are always on the lookout for new tools for the light box and when we found these fun re-usable tropical ice cubes, we knew they would make some perfect light table letter activities!

Light Table Letter Activities

If you have a light box in your classroom, it really is pretty easy to find items and objects for these light table letter activities. Keep in mind you want something that is transparent so it glows. Re-usable ice cubes are perfect! They’re cheap, safe and you can find them in fun shapes and colors.

For our light table letter game, we used tropical re-usable ice cubes from Five Below, flamingo drink stirrers from the Dollar Tree and neon address labels. You can grab your address labels here:

light table letter activities

How We Did It

First, we wrote lowercase letters on the labels. We made sure to write the letters to one side (not in the middle or centered) because we are wrapping the labels around the flamingo stirrers.

light table letter activities

Next, we wrote the uppercase letters on the re-usable ice cubes!

Students simply choose a flamingo. Next, they identify the letter and then find the matching ice cube and match them on the light table.

light table letter activities

For more light table activities, visit these posts:

If you are in need of a light box or light table, this post gives you all the details.

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