Everyone knows how important it is to engage our students. We all know that can also be a challenge. Every teacher has a unique way of bringing engagement into their classroom and lessons. Ya’ll, that’s what makes teachers amazing: we’re creative and unique! I am a big believer in keeping things simple and that’s our engagement style: simple. And our favorite, simple way to increase engagement in our classroom is COSTUMES! I love to dress up for themes, holidays, and lessons.

My love of costumes comes from my mom! Her favorite holiday was Halloween and she always came up with the most fun and creative costumes! It’s because of her that I dress up in my classroom and it helps make her a part of my classroom every year!

Costumes: A Few Things

  • Our collection has been growing for years. And once we have a costume it’s used for years and years and years. We believe in getting things for our classroom that can be used in multiple ways for years and years!
  • You DO NOT need to buy costumes. Make your own. They can be simple or elaborate.
  • The idea of this post is to inspire you and encourage you to find your engagement tool. The idea is NOT to make you feel bad if you don’t wear costumes. YOU DO YOU! Find what works for you and your class!

My Favorite Costumes

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is a must-read at the beginning of the year! This costume is made from sweatpants and a sweatshirt. The letters are felt stickers from Target. This costume is actually an interactive lesson. Students pick a letter, we say the letter and sound and they add the letter to the coconut tree.

Sweatpants and sweatshirt: Amazon

Letters: Target Dollar Spot

Kicking off ABC BOOTCAMP means we dress the part! Kicking off ABC BOOTCAMP means I dress as a soldier!

Hat: Amazon

Shirt: Amazon

Pants: Amazon

Boots: Amazon

M is for Mustaches! M means a Mustache suit!

Mustache Suit: OppoSuits

P is for pineapples! For letter P during ABC BOOTCAMP I wear my pineapple suit!

Pineapple Suit: OppoSuits

At the end of ABC BOOTCAMP, we have a built in review week. As part of our review week, we flip our classroom into GIANT CANDYLAND! And giant Candy Land calls for a rainbow suit! This suit gets worn for R for rainbows day and during our weather unit and rainbows unit!

Rainbow suit: Amazon

We celebrate fall with turkeys and leaves!

Fall Suit: OppoSuits

To practice sight words, we play our turkey sight word game. That means you dress as a turkey!

Turkey costume: Amazon

December is full of celebrations and fun. And it’s full of costumes!

Christmas tree costume: Walmart

Santa Costume: Amazon

January means arctic animals and penguins!

Penguin costume: Amazon

Walrus costume: Amazon

March means weather and St. Patrick’s Day. Weather means we read our favorite book ever: Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. And yes, there is a costume for that! This homemade costume is just gray sweats. For the food, I printed off food clipart and hot glued them to the sweats!

Sweats: Amazon

And St. Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a leprehcaun!

In the spring we also learn about dinosaurs and if you’re studying dinosaurs, you must be a paleontologist! This is another costume I pieced together. The shorts, boots, and shirt are mine! The hat is from Alive Studios.

Vest: Amazon

Additional Costumes

Sometimes I wear costumes for specific lessons. The costumes are used on the first day of learning a skill as a hook to get the kids excited about the content!

For comparing numbers, I dress up as an alligator!

Alligator costume: Amazon

Creepy Carrots is a perfect book for October. We also use this costume when we study plants!

Carrot costume: Amazon

And if you’re doing Creepy Carrots, you also must do Creepy Underwear. And if you’re reading Creepy Underwear, you must wear a costume. But no one sells a creepy underwear costume, so you must be creative and make your own! I made this out of green foam board, white paper, and a black Sharpie!

Do you study zoo animals? For our Zoo Animals Research Project, you dress as a zookeeper! This is also the paleontologist costume!

Shirt and hat: Alive Studios

Introducing subtraction means Five Little Monkeys and five little monkeys means you dress the part!

Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Pirate Costume: Amazon

For details on the lessons, units, themes, and activities discussed in this post check out these posts by clicking the image:


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