Q And U Wedding: Two Letters that Go Together

 As part of our Backwards Bootcamp,  we celebrate the wedding of Q and U.  During ABC BOOTCAMP,  we learned that Q and U are always together.  So we have a very simple and fun wedding to help students remember Q and U are always together!  This adorable and highly engaging event is a must-do in our classroom.  A q and u wedding is a fancy way to celebrate the spelling of the “qu” pattern!  We have modified our wedding to remove the Mr./Mrs. component and make it just about the two letters.  
I know that some classrooms do big elaborate fancy weddings for Q and U and that’s freakin’ awesome.   But we keep it simple in our room.  We have fun…we giggle…we learn.  And yes, there is some academic component to our wedding….so we’re still meeting standards!
We decorate with some simple decorations for our wedding!  I printed the letters on cardstock and taped them to the board.  The letters are in the freebie at the end of this post!
I drew the Q and U on posterboard and colored them with markers.  They have been laminated for use year after year!
We make Q and U cards.  Students choose if they want to be a Q or U.

We have a very short ceremony featuring Q and U!  The vows are linked at the end of the post.  Following the ceremony, we create a chart of Qu words!

Students then write the words on their cards!

And yes, we dress up for the wedding and eat cake!

Q And U Wedding Freebie


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