Addition Bootcamp: Circle Maps

Addition Bootcamp is a differentiated kindergarten addition curriculum that can be used whole group, small group and independently.


As always you will use circle maps to practice finding all the equations that equal that number. You have 3 options:
  1. Have students generate the equations and you write them on the circle map.
  2. Have students generate the equations and write them on the circle map.
  3. Use the included equation cards. Print the cards on bright copy paper, cut apart, & place in a pocket chart. Students choose the equations that equals the number and glues it onto the circle map.

Addition to 10 with TKS Bootcamp’s Addition Bootcamp is a math resource can be used to introduce addition or practice addition throughout the year. Students will use circle charts to find sums of numbers to 10, build and write addition equations, sort addition facts and solve addition problems. This math pack gives hands on, differentiated practice with addition to 10. The activities can be used in whole group and small group settings as well as in your math centers or workstations!

Over 120 pages of addition resources!

Themes Available:

  • Safari Theme
  • Army Theme
  • Superhero Theme
  • Monster Theme
  • No Theme

Circle Map

Addition Bootcamp - Circle Map