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"I believe that every child has the potential to shine brightly, and as educators, it is our privilege and responsibility to ignite that flame of curiosity and empower them to reach for the stars."



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Customer Feedback

“I just finished watching Greg’s Keynote presentation and I am completely blown away! I have attended a lot of conferences (in person and virtual) throughout my career and I have never been more touched by one than his!!! His presentation was so inspirational and uplifting.”
- Rochelle K.
"Mr. Greg, I found you randomly on Facebook a couple years ago and ordered ABC bootcamp and LOVED it! Just want to tell you as sincerely as I can via an email, THANK YOU! Not only are you making a difference in the lives of the children you teach, but also in the lives of so many children as you help provide resources to so many teachers!"
- Emily U.
"This Bootcamp Bundle is an AMAZING deal! I’ve been a Mr. Greg fan for years! I started with ABC Bootcamp a couple of years ago and my students SOARED! My data was absolutely through the roof! I am looking forward to integrating all of the bootcamps into my curriculum this year! Thank you so much!"
- TPT customer

Woohoo, let's start this party!

This letters and sounds game can be used to practice letter recognition and sound identification. This resource can be used in a sensory bin, centers or small groups.