Pumpkin Letters!

I love finding fun holiday/theme items to turn into centers/workstations!   It’s like a treasure hunt or some secret mission to find items that can be made into engaging and FUN learning activities.  Pumpkin letters are the result of one of those secret missions.

Pumpkin Containers

These containers were filled with candy, so we emptied the candy.  (These were found at Walgreens years ago!)

pumpkin letters

pumpkin letters


We found these pumpkin eggs at Target!

 If you can’t find these containers, here are a few ideas:

put the letters in a plastic jack-o-lantern

put the letters in a sensory bin

use regular orange plastic eggs (if you’re a plastic egg hoarder like Mr. Greg, this is your moment!!)

Next, you can print these fantastic pumpkin letters from my TBFF and clip artist extraordinaire  Jenny from Jen Hart Design.

letter recognition

You can cut the letters apart and put them inside the pumpkins.

pumpkin letter recognition

Students can open the pumpkins.  They can identify the letter and color the letter on their sheet.

pumpkin letters





You can differentiate this activity by using a beginning sound sheet.  Students could say the sound and find the picture for the sound!

We used the letter sheets from our Pumpkins Research Project!

Pumpkin Letter Freebies



For more pumpkin activities and resources, check out these TKS creations:

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