October Center Activities

So you have your center management system in place. It’s October & you’re ready to change centers but what activities do you put in your tubs/bins/centers? This post shows you the activities we use in October. Because our TKS centers are designed to be teacher and kid-friendly, the kids will be able to grab an activity and do it with no instruction needed. That’s the beauty of our center resources!

For more information on how I introduce centers, manage centers, and more, see the links at the end of this post.

What Types Of Activities And Games Do You Use In Centers?

  • matching (letters, numbers, counting)
  • puzzles (letters, numbers, counting)
  • spinners (letters, numbers)

We’re continuing to differentiate centers and we’re starting to really see that differentiation with one group focusing on sounds, two groups focusing on letter recognition and one group is working on sounds and letter recognition. And we still maintain that simplicity! That’s the beauty of TKS centers: they’re low prep and are flexible so you can make the activities work in multiple ways so 1 activity can be two or three or four different activities!

The pictures below are the actual activities included in the tubs. The picture is followed by the link to the creation/product that contains that particular activity/activities (and more).

All of these resources are linked to our TKS Store but they are also available on TeachersPayTeachers. To find them on TPT, simply search by the name exactly as listed on the title pages seen below.

Grab this FREEBIE by clicking on the image!

Check out these videos where I show the activities and explain them:

For more information about centers, check out these posts:

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