Vowels Bootcamp

Numerous resources and activities for teaching your students long and short vowels.


This creation provides opportunities for building, reading and writing short and long vowel words.  It’s all about reading, writing and building words with long & short vowels, especially CVC-E words! 

Themes Available:

  • Safari Theme
  • Army Theme
  • Superhero Theme
  • Monster Theme
  • No Theme


  • Circle charts
  • Student Book
  • Word Building
  • Word Writing
  • Cut And Paste
  • Vowel Sort
  • Vowel Puzzles
  • Vowel Match
  • Vowel The Room
  • Decodable Readers (189 pages)

Additional Information

Day 1 – You’ll start with the famous circle maps/chart! Students will brainstorm words for the vowel pattern while the teacher draws the picture to represent the words the students come up with.
After circle map/chart students will do some independent work to read cvc-e words and match the words to the picture. This is a great assessment piece!
Day 2 – You will work on building words and reading cvc & cvc-e words & understanding how the bossy e, silent e or magic e changes the vowel sound. After you build and read the words, you will write the words independently.
What was my data in 2017?  The pre-assessment showed 40% of my students could hear the vowel sounds and read the words. Following vowel bootcamp, our mastery went up to 75%!  Students will practice these skill in centers and during guided reading!

Circle Map

Vowel Bootcamp - Circle Map

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