Kindergarten Addition Activities: Adding Ducks

The best kindergarten addition activities are the ones that get our kids up and moving and involved in the lesson. Using the book Quack And Count to practice addition to 10 provides many opportunities to practice addition 10 in hands-on, engaging ways!

Kindergarten Addition Activities: Adding Ducks

Using our Math It Up: Quack And Count creation, we spent two weeks adding ducks and working on addition in whole group and small groups. We have definitely noticed a vast improvement in their addition skills after using these lessons!

Kindergarten Addition Activities: Whole Group

As always, we started off with two days of whole group lessons to practice addition and observe students understanding of the skill. Now, we don’t just do some adding in whole group. Nope. That’s just not how we roll. Our whole group lesson involves a GIANT INFLATABLE DUCK. Of course, it does, right?!

kindergarten addition activities

kindergarten addition activities

For this lesson, we wrote equations on the board. The students got on the giant duck to show the equation, and then we solved the equation!

Our next whole group lesson was using rubber ducks and a pond! We wrote equations on the board, and we solved the equations by putting ducks in the pond, just like in the book!

Kindergarten Addition Activities: Small Groups

In small groups, we used the same pond and duck idea to differentiate our addition practice! Some students worked on adding to 5, and some worked on adding to 10!

kindergarten addition activities

We also took the idea of shake and spill with red and yellow counters and did it with ducks!

Check out this video to see Math It Up: Adding Ducks in action!

Grab our Math It Up! Adding Ducks resource to introduce and practice addition!

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