Classroom Management Tools: Wireless Doorbell

We know that classroom management is a must.  And we know that getting our kid’s attention can be tough, but it’s also necessary.  That’s where one of our favorite classroom management tools comes into play:  the wireless doorbell.

Classroom Management Tools:  Attention Getters

Ya’ll….I’m gonna be real about classroom management and using a quiet signal in the classroom!  When people clap at me to get my attention, it irks me.

Here’s why: counting and clapping just make more noise! If we’re trying to get our kids quiet and paying attention, we don’t need to add more noise. We need something a little more soothing, a more appropriate attention-getter.

Call and response?  Noise.   Flick the lights?  Looks like we’re starting a dance party.

There has to be a better way….right?!
So, how can we get their attention without clapping or counting or a call and response or flicking the lights?!


True story.  It plays a soft, soothing chime that gets our attention quickly and easily!

You can purchase a wireless doorbell that plugs into any outlet. The wireless doorbell I LOVE is from Sadotech that plays 50 different chimes!!

Click Here

classroom management tools
And it comes in fun colors!

I used hot glue to attach the button to a clothespin so I could wear the button all day.
Whenever I want my class’s attention, I ring the bell! They stop, put their hands in their laps, put their bubbles in, and look at me!
Of course, we learned this procedure at the beginning of the year. It has to be taught, modeled, and practiced!

You can put your buzzer in a sanitizer holder, as seen here. This is a sanitizer holder from Bath & Body Works. They fit PERFECTLY!

You can also hot glue the buzzer to a clothespin and clip it to your lanyard!


How The Quiet Signal Works:

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