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ABC Bootcamp – TKS Bootcamp Curriculum™ ©

Engage your students with a PROVEN system to teach letters & sounds.  It’s fun, effective and interactive.

ABC BOOTCAMP is a research based, classroom proven 26 day approach to teaching letters and sounds.  ABC BOOTCAMP is a totally flexible curriculum that can be adapted to meet any curriculum, basal reader series or district scope and sequence. This resource was created to give our students letter and sound knowledge early in the school year so we could begin to become readers and writers.  ABC BOOTCAMP is an intensive, engaging curriculum that not only teaches letters and sounds but brings fun and excitement into your classroom at the beginning of the year.

ABC Bootcamp is only a portion of the entire TKS Bootcamp™ curriculum which is a rigorous approach to introducing multiple skills: Letters/Sounds, Numbers/Counting, Word Families, Vowels, Vowel Teams, Blends/Digraphs, Shapes, Addition & Subtraction. The entire TKS Bootcamp Curriculum can be purchased as a bundle for a 25% discount over purchasing each one separately.

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What Teachers are Saying About ABC Bootcamp

Read a Facebook article written by Mahopac Central School District, which is one of New York’s top rated districts. They use ABC Bootcamp to rave review by teachers, students & parents alike!

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Why It Works

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ABC BOOTCAMP is based on research called The Law Of 10-20 For Memory Sets discovered by Hal Pashler in 2006. This research says that the optimal review time for a skill is 10-20% of the time you want students to remember that skill.  We want students to remember letters and sounds for the school year.  An average school year is 180 days.  10-20 percent of 180 is 18-37 days.  26 days falls in the middle of that range. Therefore, research says ABC BOOTCAMP is the optimal way to teach letters and sounds.

The single best predictor of first-year reading achievement is the child’s knowledge of and the ability to recognize and name the upper- and lower- case letters of the alphabet (Adams, 1990; Honig, 1996; Riley, 1996).

To read more about this research, you can visit this blog post:

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Here’s The Data

In a blinded study conducted at the conclusion of the 2016-2017 school year of over 200 classrooms with an average of 19 students per classroom the following results were achieved in only 26 days:

  • Upper case letter proficiency went from 26% to 84%
  • Lower case letter proficiency went from 26% to 79%
  • Letter sounds proficiency went from 16% to 79%

All four themes contain the same materials, just in different clipart. Click the images below to visit the creations in the TKS Store. (they are all also available in our TPT store)

The following components all contribute to the success of ABC Bootcamp. Be sure and click the button below to learn ALL about the component in more detail.

  • Circle Charts
  • Student Circle Charts Book
  • Silly Hats
  • Handwriting
  • Letter Art
  • Certificates and Dog Tags
  • ABC BOOTCAMP Fashion Show  (As featured in Scholastic Teacher Magazine!)
  • ABC Bootcamp Centers

ABC Bootcamp - Fashion Show

Bootcamp™ Bundles

The entire TKS Bootcamp™ curriculum is available in one bundle & priced at a 25% savings over purchasing them individually!  This bundle gives you a research based & classroom proven math & literacy curriculum for the entire year.  The TKS Bootcamp™ curriculum allows your students to focus on learning because the process and expectations remain the same all year long.  The consistency gives students the confidence to learn the skills in each BOOTCAMP!

(they are also all available in our TPT store)

At the conclusion of ABC BOOTCAMP, students continue to practice letters and sounds daily with our daily alphabet chart review and during our literacy centers.

After using ABC BOOTCAMP for 4 years, and seeing the impact and effectiveness of this curriculum, we have created the TKS BOOTCAMP Curriculum (TM) (C) to introduce, teach and practice skills for the entire year in math and literacy.

At the same time that we’re doing ABC BOOTCAMP, we are also doing Number Bootcamp for numbers to 20 (see right).

ABC Bootcamp Videos

Circle Charts in Action

Mr. Greg’s Explanation of ABC Bootcamp

ABC Bootcamp Preview

Bootcamp Curriculum Subjects

Learn more about each portion of TKS Bootcamp Curriculum by clicking the links to the corresponding skill:

TKS Bootcamp and every part within is a registered trademark and copyright of Kindergarten Smorgasboard, LLC

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