As I sit here on my third sick day (flu and strep!), I was browsing through the Firefly and SeeSaw flyers and got to thinking about my favorite books!  I have a serious book addiction   My classroom library contains thousands of books (not including the boxes of chapter books in storage!)  valued at over $10,000!  I started buying in college and never stopped!  It’s a crazy addiction but it’s worth every penny!!!

I definitely credit my parents with my love of books.  They read to me all the time as a kid.  In fact, when I was little I had night terrors so I had to go see a therapist (yeah…even as a little kid I needed special help!)  and he suggested my parents read me 3 books every night before bed! And I have been a lover of books every since!

And here are a few of my favorites!

Curious George is how I learned to read!  He was one of my first books!  And get this, I still have one of the first Curious George stuffed animals ever made!  How cool is that?!
I discovered this book 2 years ago by accident and it became a favorite!  My kids love this story.  This is a great text for persuasion and debate!!  Is it a cow?  Is it a chicken?  HILARIOUS!
I love the message that we are all beautiful!  I know this is a favorite of many!  
I read this story on the last day of school and always get emotional.  I love seeing my monsters achieve great success and surpassing every milestone and meeting every challenge I set before them.  I know they can and I hope to instill that sense of achievement in my monsters.
This is one of my favorite chapter books!  I actually read this aloud to my kindergartners every year!  It’s just a classic and a must read!  And who doesn’t need a spider cheering you on?!  Come on, we would all love to wake up to such inspiring messages every morning!  Even on a spider web!
OMG!  I remember my 3rd grade teacher reading this story to us and laughing so much.  Now when I read it as an adult, I laugh so hard.  I usually laugh until I cry!  The story of the cat is one of the funniest things in print EVER!  
Of course, who doesn’t love underpants!  
And finally, a controversial one, but it’s important to me and one of my favorites! 
Of course all of these books lend themselves to amazing lessons in writing, friendship, tolerance ( a biggie for me!), acceptance and perseverance!  How could you use these books in your classroom?
There ya go!  A kindergarten smorgasboard of a few of my favorite books!  There are many, many more and I will continue to share over time!  
What are your favorite books?
This is what I am currently working on!  Coming soon!!

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