GLITTER Clothespins!

Today is the first day I have touched my computer in 4 days!  We had such a great time in Gatlinburg this weekend!  Did you see those pictures???  Yeah.  That much fun! It’s great to get away and relax and release, but it’s also nice to be home!

Today is Monday Made It and that means it’s time for another Kindergarten Smorgasboard How To Video!
You know I love all things glitter.  I would probably glitter The CEO of The Kindergarten Smorgasboard if he would sit still long enough…but alas…I’ll settle for clothespins!

Wooden clothespins
Modge Podge
First, paint 1 side of your clothes pin with modge podge.

Next, cover in glitter and shake off the excess.  Allow to dry completely.
Then, you will paint over the glitter with more modge podge.  This is what keeps the glitter from shedding and multiplying and getting into your hair, clothes, shoes, socks, nose, ears, etc.
And BAM  glitter clothespins with no mess!
And here is the how to video!  Check out the new artwork in the video!!

If the video doesn’t play, you can click here!!

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