Mustache Behavior Chart

I actually had to wake up this morning, get showered, dress and leave the house.  Can you believe that non-sense???  I had to attend mandatory training for our new reading textbook adoption.  OK, indulge my rant.  What do districts continue to spend MILLIONS on these textbook adoptions????  They’re horrible.  HORRIBLE.  They include worksheets (um, how many of us would use those?  And if I were using a worksheet/workbook while being evaluated I would be scored so low!), and workbooks, more workbooks.  And yes more worksheets.  I really don’t get it.  They’re very low quality materials and do not help students learn to read.  Let’s take those millions of dollars and distribute it to the CLASSROOM TEACHERS so they can spend it on materials THEY NEED AND WANT for their classroom!  Yeah…that would be GOOD and would make sense…That’s my political rant for the day…now on to Monday Made It!

Guess what my classroom theme is this year??  Yep.  Mustaches.  With a side of glitter.

Since I cannot get into my classroom until July 22(which gives me 5 days to unpack, organize, clean, set up and decorate my new room) I am trying to knock out as many projects as I can at home, including my clip chart!

Here it is!  A glittery mustache clip chart!
I used glitter scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby as my background.  I made the green (ready to learn) section the largest becuase everyon starts on green.  As we work up the chart the colors get a bit smaller.  Why?  Well, I’m glad you asked!  I want my students to realize that you have to work hard to get to the top and we don’t just move up because we want to.  Those smaller sections show my little staches that we have to earn our way up the chart.  The colors on the bottom are small because I want the staches to understand that no one wants to go down.  I made those small because I expect very few people to move down the chart!
I printed my labels.  I trimmed the edges and glued them to the glitter paper.  After I glued them on I ran them through my trusty laminator!  BAM!  
I assembled the chart with masking tape on the back.  On the first day of school I will take pictures of the ‘staches to use for the clips!  

This clip chart will be perfect to use with my monthly behavior calendars that feature….wait for it…mustaches!
Be sure to link up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It!
Check out my mustache creations for a classroom decor set and get your own mustache clip art and behavior calendars!

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