A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Five For Friday: Mr. Sketch markers!

Here it is!  My 15 hour day is over!  I Started my masters program tonight so I had class until 9!  I.am.beat.  But I had fun in class and am excited about this adventure! Tomorrow is another class from 9-3!  It’s late but I wanted to share my five random pictures from the week!

I’m blogging from my phone…in my bed…so there ain’t nothing fancy here

I got new Mr. Sketch markers from a redditgifts friend!  These make me so happy!!  I could smell them all day.  Not that I sniff markers…
Our school wide literacy focus right now is author’s purpose.  My amazing friend Jernigan had an idea about pie and using pie to teach authors purpose.  We teamed up to make this cute sign.  We showed the principal and he wanted it printed and posted all over the school!  It’s the first Greg/Jern Creation!  More to come!
I have another awesome t-shirt to give away! My friends at teachershirts.com send me this great shirt to model!  How fun is this!?  Stay tuned for a give away!
I love my new mustache pencils!   That is all!

This is my teacher area!  It’s my little home away from home!

Happy Friday!

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