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Happy week 2 of fall break for me!  It’s been very nice to relax a bit!  But I admit I miss my little ‘staches!  And after my center making party today…i’m  a bit anxious to get back to it!  A bit…
I am linking up with my friend Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for her Monday Made It fun!  Be sure to check out the linky party for some awesome ideas!

So, I was shopping browsing at Target and saw these little guys!
Naturally, I did what any good teacher would do…I bought 250 of them!  They’re $1 so it’s OK!
My 250 Frankenstein erasers inspired this:
I finished this last night at 11:30 and posted it!  I think it’s so stinking cute and I’m just bursting at the seams to turn my ‘staches loose on these activities….
So today I decided to get busy and do some center prep!  I literally spent all day printing…cutting…laminating…cutting…drove to Sonic…and now sharing all of my successes with you!
Adding Frank!  
I just love this clip art from my friend Beth at Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah!  I cannot wait to see my ‘staches use this center!  They’re going to pick an eye from the witch’s cauldron and find the picture that begins with the sound!  Who doesn’t love playing with eyeballs?!
My class has gone cray cray over write the room!  I decided to make it a little more…academic…so we have a sight word write the room featuring The Frankenstein Family!  

This is not my creation…but it uses those amazing eyeballs so I just had to buy it!  This is from my friend Teaching With Grace!  How stinking cute is this?  Students count the eyeballs and match them to the number?!  This is going to be a very popular math center!!!  (CLICK THE PICTURE TO CHECK IT OUT!)
And then I decided to go ahead and keep printing…cutting…laminating…and moved onto my fall centers!  

Candy corn counting…and yes we will use real candy corn for counters!  Who loves candy corn?  THIS GUY!

CVC words are falling from the trees!!  Students read the word and find the picture!
Counting syllables!

Yep…we love writing the room!  How about a fall themed write the room?!  That will be 3 different write the room activities going at once in my room!  I can’t wait to see the chaos fun and learning that will surely happen!
And why not more CVC words!?  How about building some CVC words?!
Now that I’ve bored you with my day of center madness…how about something free that I made!?  Remember the eyeball clip art that I am just crazy about?!  Well, I used it to make some ten frame cards!  I use these in our mental math time to help kids build that rapid recognition of number dot patterns!  (Or matching games…or Go Fish games….)
Click the picture for your freebie!
And then I made something that my awesome teammate (Mrs. P) and I devised together…we’re pretty proud of this little guy!
We wanted a scarecrow glyph but we couldn’t find any we liked…mainly because a lot of them included eye color and because of the demographics of our classes, eye color isn’t necessarily diverse enough…so we made our own.  I admit, when I put him together today I cracked up.  He is just so darng cute!!

Click either picture to download your free scarecrow glyph!
PS  Glyphs=listening skills, following directions, and comprehension skills!  See…crafts=common core aligned!  
So that was my Monday!
If you’re interested in any of these centers, check them out by clicking these pictures!
OH YEAH!  My common core creations are 20% off through tonight!
Let’s do a give away for my new Franken-Core pack!
Leave me a comment with themes you’d like to see in my next few creations and skills you want to see or skills you students need more practice with!  I will pick a winner tomorrow!  (Leave your email!)

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