Fall Art Ideas!

It’s week 2 of my 2 week fall break!!!  So that means no Schedulin Sunday!  But I’ve been digging through my pictures and have found some of our favorite art ideas for the fall and Halloween!  Now, you need a disclaimer!  Many of these pictures go back 3 or 4 years….way before I started blogging so I was just snapping pictures with no real purpose!  Please don’t judge my photography skills!!

These boats are perfect for Columbus Day and Thanksgiving.  We did this project around Thanksgiving when we were learning about the Pilgrims and the Mayflower.  However, this is perfect for representing the Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria!  
To make, the students painted water on a white piece of construction paper.  Then we painted our hands and made our boats.  For Columbus Day I would do 3 ships and add little red triangles on the fingers!  

This fun little project helped us visualize and understand that we can mix colors together to make new colors.  I gave each child a white piece of paper and squired some red and yellow paint.  We talked about what might happen and then I let them go to town.  They used their fingers and hands (YES!  MESSY!!!!  Remember my motto…messy=success!) to mix the paint.  They loved seeing it turn to orange!  After the paint is dry, trace a pumpkin shape and cut it out!  These make a great pumpkin patch display!

I love the story Go Away Big Green Monster!  After we read the story, each child gets to choose their paint color.  We fold our paper vertically (or a hot dog fold) and then Mr. Greg squirts paint on the fold.  We squish the paint and open it up!  BAM!  It’s a monster!  Then we add eyes, noses, teeth and hair to make our big colorful monsters!

These paper plate bats are just adorable!!  They’re also easy to make.  Students paint 2 paper plates.  One plate is cut in half to make the winger.  Staple the wings on the sides of the other plate.  Glue on eyes!  BAM!  It’s bat time!

These pumpkins are super cute!!!  And easy!  First, you need to color your pasta.  I used wagon wheel pasta because I thought they would make cute pumpkins!  To see my YouTube video on how I color pasta, click the picture!  
After the pasta is dry, I provide the students with a pumpkin shape.  They glue the noodles on the pumpkin!  I provide them with a green feather for the stem!  Yet another fun, easy and adorbs pumpkin patch display!

I just love these skeletons!!!!  I love the uniqueness of each one.  I love how stinkin cute they are and how much fun they are to create.  Provide students with Q-Tips and glue.  They create their skeletons by gluing the Q-Tips on black construction paper.  Then they create the head by cutting white paper and adding eyes, nose and a mouth!

These were some super fun spaghetti noodle spider webs.  Fun and MESSY!  I cooked the spaghetti at home the night before.  I gave the students a bowl of glue with just a little water mixed in.  They soaked their noodles in the glue and then glued them on their paper.  They used the noodles to create a spider web.  The trick is lots of glue!  When they dried, we added a spider ring!  

I had no idea what to call these…so I made up the name Squishy Paint Trees!  The students fold a piece of white paper in half.  I add a drop or two of red, yellow, brown and orange paint (ya know, fall colors!) and the close the paper and squish!  We then placed the paper in a plastic bag and squished (cuts down on the paint squirting everywhere!).  After we’re done squishing, we open the paper and let the paint dry.  Then we add a brown construction paper trunk.  Then we have beautiful fall trees!

These are another favorite!  Have students draw a tree outline on green paper.  Then they tear yellow, brown, red, and orange paper into little pieces and glue them onto their tree!  When they have their tree filled in, they tear a brown trunk!  Another beautiful fall tree!
And now a HUGE announcement!  This past Friday, I got meet the amazing Elizabeth from Kickin It In Kindergarten.  We put our brilliant minds together and started planning something big.  BIG PEOPLE!  Are ya ready?
Mark your calendars!  Save your pennies!  It’s the Great Nashville Blogger Meet Up!!!
December 28-29 here in Music City USA!  We’re planning lunch…a visit to the Opryland Hotel which is simply stunning during the holidays and a frigid trip to see ICE at Opryland!  We might even venture down to Broadway for some Honky Tonkin!  Our great blogger meet up wraps up Sunday with breakfast at Monnell’s!  People, you will not find a better breakfast anywhere.  Trust me!  We’re also working on major prize give aways…and goodie bags!!  
This meet up is open to all bloggers and blog stalkers!  There will be much more detailed information coming the next few weeks.  We wanted to announce this so people can start planning.  Mark your calendars!!!
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