A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Five For Friday!

Happy Friday!!  It’s the middle of my 2 week fall break and I’m having a blast!  I’ve slept..created…slept…cleaned the house, the garage and hauled hay, corn and wood (and an axe) in my munchkin mobile!  I’ve spent quality time with the mister hiking and going to a Predators hockey game!  My family is coming in for the weekend….AND I STILL HAVE ALL NEXT WEEK OFF!!!!!!

So I’m linking up with my pal Kacie at Doodlebugs for her famous Five For Friday party!  Just 5 random shots of the week…but I’m cheating a bit…how about 5 pictures and a video!?

Hiking!  At 2:00 in the afternoon on a school day!  The mister got off work early and I am enjoying fall break so we hit the trails for a nice hike!!  Being able to do stuff in the middle of a work day makes it way more fun!! 

I visited my family in Kentucky yesterday and went for a zip line ride!  It was my first time and it was a blast!!!  I definitely want to do that again!!!  The harness is less than comfortable, but it’s worth it for that ride!!!

We also visited Dinosaur World and my sister and I attempted to ride the wooly mammoth.  It was less than pretty but we did it!!!

Why not check out your blog on the 50″ television that’s hooked up to the Google TV?!?!  It’s so pretty when it’s that big!!!!

LOOK WHO I HAD LUNCH WITH!  This is Elizabeth from Kickin It In Kindergarten!  She’s a Nashville girl so we had lunch today and started plans for a big blog meet up in December (STAY TUNED!)  #newbestie #nodrama
Kickin it in Kindergarten
And now a Kindergarten Smorgasboard Video!  I’ve posted some pictures of my house on Instagram lately and had a bunch of questions…so I thought I’d take you on a tour of The Kindergarten Smorgasboard World Headquarters!!!
If you can’t see the video, CLICK HERE!
And how about two winners of my newest common core creations!
The winner of my new CVC word building pack is:  Katie Nussbaum!!!  Check your email!
The winner of the alphabet hats and Assessment pack from Simply Kinder is:  Sara Fettes!  Sara, be expecting an email from Jenifer!  
Here is my newest Common Core Creation!   Hot off the presses…and currently spitting out of my printer as I type!!

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