EASY Number And Counting Assessments

It’s the beginning of the year…and I feel fine!   Actually I feel great!   I have a great group of ‘staches this year who are really adjusting well to structure and routine!
DATA!  DATA!  DATA!   We all know how important this is at the beginning of the year.  We also know how hard it is to collect data at the beginning of the year.  I mean, they can all sit quietly and wait for their turn to be assessed 1 on 1?!  Right?!   I mean…that’s not asking too much of 5 year olds.  
Today I want to share two EASY, QUICK, ways I get some early math data on my ‘staches in whole group settings.    (PS  This also serves as our introduction to manipulatives and how we use manipulatives and gives us hands on play time!)
For number recognition, I give each ‘stache a work mat with numbers 1-10.  I have 3 versions of this mat so we can’t copy off our friends!   
I even print it on colored paper or cardstock for more fun!
Then I simply call out numbers and see who can find the number. 
You can also cut apart the numbers and give each students a set of cards and have them hold up the numbers!  (The numbers are also good for lots of other math games and lessons so you’ll probably want to download the freebie below… not sayin’…just sayin’…)
You can click the picture to get your free number mats!
 I keep track on a simple checklist.  As I call out a number, they point and I mark whether htey find the correct number.  I only give them a check if they can do it in just a couple of seconds.  I want to see recognition as almost automatic.   I can then analyze the data to see which numbers we need to focus our learning on!
Then I want to see how we do with counting.   So…bust out your favorite manipulatives and some plates.  Paper or styrofoam.
After giving the ‘staches about 10 minutes of play time with the manipulatives, I call out a number and they have to count that number of manipulatives onto their plate!
I love the plate because it forces them to physically pick up the manipulatives and move them as they count!   And it keeps those manipulatives contained which means less bickering and “borrowing”  (not that we would ever fight about who the red bear belongs or…nor would we ever borrow our friends green bear!)
I use my checklist and keep track of who can correctly count to each number.
And now after a few days, I have some good, early data on my ‘staches number and counting skills so I can plan some math instruction for our next week!
And it was painless!!!!!!
Another easy way to collect data?!
Check them out for easy, 1 on 1,  computer based assessments!
Sign up for a 60 day free trial and use the code B2442 to save $40 on the cost!

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