You Are Enough!

Hello smitten smorgies! This is Katie Knight for Teacher to the Core and this is my last post in the mini-series on #happyclassrooms. I wanted to say thank you for letting me share ideas and inspiration with you over our last few days together!

I wanted to make today about you.  A key part of having a #happyclassroom is having a healthy teacher. That’s your body, mind, and soul.  I want to encourage you to take care of your sweet self. I want you to plan something this week that is just for you. I want you to play. I want you to give yourself permission to laugh, smile, cry, and let go.  I want you to be wild and free and gentle with yourself!  Remember you can cannot fill others with an empty cup.

These next few pictures are for you!

credit: Your Beautiful Life

Credit Buddah Heart
I want to say 3 words to you from the bottom of my heart!
You are enough.
You are valuable.
You are loved, cared for, seen, and precious.
You are reason enough to run into a burning building.
Just ask a fireman.
You are enough.
Hug yourself and kiss your beautiful brain. 
Get a good night’s sleep and let’s go create some #happyclassrooms this week. 
In case you have missed any part of this #happyclassrooms mini-series, here are links below. Just click any picture. Until we meet again, happy teaching!

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