A Smorgasboard Of Teaching Conference #1 Reflections

Five years ago I sat down at my laptop and set up a blog and wrote my first blog post.  I wanted to share my passion for making learning fun and messy.  I wanted to share some of the ideas we were using in my classroom.   And really, I just hoped someone besides The Mister and my mom would read what I was writing.  
Fast forward to now…and I can’t believe I just hosted my first ever one day conference!   It’s still surreal and exciting.  I was so blessed and inspired to spend the day with 200 teachers from all over the country.  Literally….California…Oklahoma…Pennsylvania…Tennessee…Michigan.    I mean I can’t believe so many teachers chose to spend a Saturday in the summer listening to me ramble on all day long.  It was an amazing day of fun and collaboration and sharing and learning!

Seriously…it was a glitterific day!   (And I’ve never been more nervous than I was for this day!!!)

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO JOINED US!!!!!!!   You make me a better teacher and a better person!  Seriously…ya’ll are GLITTERRIFIC!!!!   You make the world sparkle and you are doing amazing things in your classrooms and changing the lives of kids every day.  I am HUMBLED to call you all my colleagues and friends.
Besides being in my classroom with my ‘staches, being around teachers and sharing our passion for kids and learning is my favorite!!!   I love sharing my passion and giving teachers new ideas and letting teachers know it’s ok to break the rules and have fun in the classroom!!!  You can party and learn at the same time!
Thank you so much for the hugs and laughs and kind words.   
Of course, this day couldn’t have happened without amazing friends who gave up their time to help and encourage and support us!
Bob Barker has Barker’s Beauties….I have Smorgie’s Sweethearts!  (Not pictured:  Nate!)
Seriously…they are the reason that the day went so smoothly and was a success!!!   I am so blessed with the best friends!!  HEART YA’LL!
And The Mister who coordinated all of the details…the venue, food, tickets, swag, schedule, materials….and ME!  And trust me, coordinating me is the hardest job in the world.  He’s amazing and makes me a better person everyday.   I could not do all that I do without him!!!
And a HUGE Thank you to our sponsors:
ESGI (Online one on one assessment!  AMAZING MUST HAVE TOOL!)
Finn Books  (Check out these awesome sight word leveled readers!  My class ADORES these books!)
Alive Studios (Amazing augmented reality technology for reading and math!)
Here’s the exciting news!   We’re doing it again!   That’s right!   A Smorgasboard of Teaching #2 is on Saturday, October 29 here in Nashville!   This day will feature our guest, Debbie Clement sharing her songs and dances and her books!!!  
Click the image to download the brochure and register for the conference!   I hope to see you all there!!
So, you missed out on all the swag?   No worries!   We have four swag bags to give away!!!!   Just use the rafflecopter below to enter!

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