Virtual Morning Meeting Suggestions

The morning meeting is a classroom staple. It’s a must-do. Non-negotiable. Morning meeting is the foundation of the classroom community. Our classroom family/community is built in our morning meeting. And that is going to be no different with virtual learning or socially distant in-person learning. WE WILL CONTINUE TO DO MORNING MEETINGS BUT THEY WILL LOOK DIFFERENT!


My Plan For Virtual Morning Meeting

Our district is going 100% virtual for the first month of school. We will have a virtual morning meeting using Microsoft TEAMS every day.

This is my plan for my class during virtual learning (and is subject to change and adapt):

  • Greeting-we will use the suggested greetings in this post and included in our Morning Meeting Greeting creation.
  • Sharing-students will have opportunities to share and ask questions just like an in-person meeting.
  • Message-our morning message will be written on chart paper and we will read it and fill it in as a whole group. The interactive writing will be things that we can easily do as a whole group such as word webs, sounds, etc.
  • Activity-we are going to play this one by ear and see how the meeting goes and will work to include some activities.

Morning Meeting Virtual Greeting Suggestions

Any greeting that is a whole group chant/cheer will work great if you’re doing a virtual morning meeting. The teacher can lead the cheer chant, and students can follow along. Just like with an in-person morning meeting.

Here are suggested greetings for virtual morning meetings:

  • Great Day Greeting
  • We Are Here Greeting
  • 2468 Greeting
  • French Fries Greeting
  • Say Your Name Greeting
  • Monster Greeting
  • Hit The Floor Greeting

Social Distancing Morning Meeting

Here are my thoughts/ideas for in-person morning meetings adhering to social distance guidelines:

  • Students will remain at their desks or in their assigned space whatever that might be.
  • Use socially distant greetings with everyone staying at their seats (or in their assigned space whatever that might be) but participating in the greetings. We offer 7 socially distant greetings in our Morning Meeting Greeting resource.
  • The morning message will be done on chart paper. Students will read it as a group and we will fill in the pieces as a group.
  • Interactive writing will be done with students remaining in their seats (or in their assigned space whatever that might be) and volunteering to share an answer (1 student at a time). I will do the writing.
  • Activity-We will use activities that can be done at their seats (or in their assigned space whatever that might be) such as I Have Who Has, Number Game,

For more details on each component of morning meeting, check out our FREE morning meeting webinar by visiting the RESOURCE center!

You can read about each component of morning meeting by visiting these blog posts:

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