Constitution Day

Celebrating Constitution Day can be a challenge in kindergarten.  The Constitution is a big, complicated document, and it’s a complicated idea to teach our students.  That’s why we created our American Symbols research project!  This research project is great for celebrating Constitution Day because it brings those big ideas to a level our students can understand!  What better way to celebrate Constitution Day than by learning about American symbols?

Constitution Day 

For each American symbol, we read a book which is our research.  Then we record our learning our graphic organizer.  The students then use this graphic organizer to write in their American Symbols Research Journal.  The read-aloud makes the research kindergarten friendly!  The graphic organizers provide a scaffolding for the students’ writing.

American symbols included:   U.S. Constitution, The American Flag, The Statue Of Liberty, The White House, The Liberty Bell, the bald eagle, the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monumber, the U.S. Capitol,  and Mt. Rushmore.

Constitution  Day Art Projects

We also do fun, simple art projects for each of the American Symbols!

This Statue Of Liberty project is fun and easy!  Students make a crown and torch.  The torch is a toilet paper roll and tissue paper.  Then we pose as Lady Liberty!

Statue Of Liberty Directed Drawing (CLICK HERE!)

Handprint Flags

This flag is done one one-on-one with Mr. Greg!

The White House!

This is a simple project using basic shapes.  I model how to cut each shape and then the students do it independently.  We do not use a template or lines to trace and cut!

Constitution Day Snack

Toast, blueberries, strawberry jam, and cream cheese

American Symbols Math And Literacy Centers

We use these American symbols in math and literacy centers for differentiated and engaging centers!

Constitution Day Sensory Bin

For a Constitution Day sensory bin, we used rotini pasta and bowtie pasta to create this fun, engaging sensory bin for our class!

 This sensory bin was made using styrofoam shapes from Dollar Tree, chick peas colored red and blue, and rice. The number cards are a FREE resource from TKS!


Suggested Read Alouds

Click the image to see our read-alouds on Amazon!

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