Lunar New Year Activities For The Classroom


Learning about cultures, celebrations, and traditions is a must for any social studies curriculum and it’s part of meeting standards. These Lunar New Year activities will help you and your students celebrate the lunar new year!

Our Lunar New Year Research Project has everything you need to make your planning and prep EASY!

lunar new year activities for kids
learning about lunar new year

The circular fans and dragon are from Party City. We also put an image of lanterns on our smartboard to help set the stage.

Lunar New Year Activities: Research

When we are learning about holidays, customs, and traditions, we use read-alouds and videos to research those topics. As we read, we add our learning to our graphic organizers!

Click the image to see our Lunar New Year read-alouds on Amazon!

lunar new year read alouds for kids

As part of our learning and Lunar New Year activities, we learn about the Lunar New Year, and we learn about each year and the animal for the year! The kids love that each year has a different animal!

Lunar New Year Activities: Art Projects

Before the lunar new year begins, we make lanterns to decorate our classroom! These are simple to make and are perfect decorations!

When the lanterns are finished, we hang them from the ceiling!

lunar new year art projects for kids

We also make a simple dragon decoration. This represents the dragon dances that are performed to celebrate Lunar New Year! We also watch videos of the dragon dances!

To make the dragon, the kids draw an S on their paper. They glue on pre-cut rectangles and add the head!

lunar new year activities for kids

Lunar New Year Food

We learn about different types of food that people eat for Lunar New Year. Then we enjoyed noodles, rice, and fortune cookies! We also learn to use chopsticks!

lunar new year foods for kids

We also graph whether we like the rice!

lunar new year activities for kids

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