A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Saturday Kindergarten Post March 2nd, 2013

It’s a little snowy here in Music City.  And by little I mean there are snowflakes falling but they’re not sticking.  But if you listen to the news this morning the snow is accumulating.  I mean 1 inch people…1 inch.  UGH!  I wish teachers were like weather people…no matter what they never get in trouble for being wrong because weather changes and isn’t easy to predict!  UM  HELLO THAT IS TEACHING!!!!!!  It’s not perfect and changes every minute!  But we sure get blamed and ridiculed…but not those weather people…OK…enough of that!

It’s Saturday.  That means it’s time for The Saturday Kindergarten Post!  This week is another short one people.  Monday I was out for the inspection on the new home.  Tuesday I was out for what I thought was pink eye but it was really an infection (it’s better but i still have some cloudiness going on) and Wednesday we had a professional day to score some tests.  UM, I had one (yes, 1) test to score so I ended up with a day off.  So, I had two days with the monsters this week.  I HATE missing so much.  I love being with the monsters and doing all of the stuff we have planned.  Next week is almost a full week!  YAY!

The true highlight of the week was the visit of Debbie Clement (Rainbows Within Reach).  We worked hard to get ready for her visit!  Rainbows and tall giraffes were required (The monsters love love love the Tall Giraffe song by Debbie!)  
Our amazing art teacher helping us with our rainbow welcome display!

The start of our tedious torn paper giraffe project.  Torn paper is so much fun.  These were a lot of work but so worth it!

I love the teamwork in my class.  Go monsters!

Ah, the beloved and admired glue sponge hard at work!

Our tall giraffe is complete!
Of course, no week is ever complete without silly hats.  ESPECIALLY a week where someone like Debbie Clement visits!  And since we love the tall giraffes, we made tall giraffe hats!  (The giraffes stand up thanks to cardstock and Popsicle sticks!)

HERE SHE IS!!!!  The one and only DEBBIE CLEMENT!  OMG there still are nor words for this day!!!

Monster spray!

This week we also enjoyed some time with the three little pigs!  Here is our cute and SIMPLE pig craftvity.  People, it’s 3 circles and some triangles!  And a little ribbon for the squiggly tail!

In case you missed it, there is a piggy emergent reader and poem on the freebie page!

And if you’re talking about piggies, you must do pigs in a blanket.  I love that I have a toaster oven in my classroom!!!!

And it was pajama day!  BEST.  PAJAMAS.  EVER!

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