A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Saturday Kindergarten Post April 7th, 2013

It’s Saturday and that means our weekly round up of learning and fun!  People, I have been awake since 6 a.m. on a Saturday.  I know, how unacceptable is this?!  We had our neighborhood yard sale so we carted our our junk treasures to the drive way and sold it.  People will buy the craziest stuff.  Sadly, the evil desk that we loathe was carted back into the house but we had fun and got rid of lots of junk treasures.  And we got to meet lots of our new neighbors so we’ve had a great morning here at the Kindergarten Smorgasboard World Headquarters!
But on to what you really came to see!  This week was our “Cloudy With A Chance of Vowels and Subtraction” week because we learned about vowels and subtraction and clouds!  It was a busy week but for our first week back from a 2 week vacation, the monsters ROCKED IT all week!    
This week we learned about clouds.  We learned that clouds are made of ice and water.  We learned that water evaporates and makes clouds and when they’re full of water it rains (or snows if it’s cold) and we learned the names of four types of clouds.  We even learned that rain falls from cumulonimbus clouds!  We are cloud experts!
We started off  by using our imagination to brainstorm ideas for what clouds could like!  We read Ken Nesbitt’s poem about clouds (While Lying On The Grass Today) which the monster’s thought was hilarious!  
We also read the book, It Looked Like Spilled Milk.  We used white paint to make clouds and then we wrote what our cloud looked like!
To help the monsters understand the way a cloud makes rain, we did this super cool science experiment!  Shaving cream on top of water and food coloring.  As the “cloud” gets full of “water” it rains!  The monsters were memorized waiting for the rain to fall.  And when someone’s cloud made rain, they went bonkers!  Simple, cheap and powerful science experiment (and that makes Mr. Greg a rock star to the monsters!)
And of course we ended our cloud fun with a snack!  A snack is a must for all great units of study (in my very expert opinion!)  This was a simple but EXPENSIVE snack!  (People, blueberries are pricey.  OUCH!  I need to become friends with a blueberry farmer before cloud week next year.  Seriously, I’m glad I have a poor diet and don’t like any healthy stuff because you can’t afford to eat healthy.  2 cheeseburgers and fries and a coke at McDonald’s is half the cost of a few blueberries!  Hello bad food!)  To make this cloud (whipped cream) and rain (blueberries) snack we just layered blueberries and whipped cream!  

This week was all about subtraction!  We read Five Little Monkeys and the monsters acted out the story.  We spent the week just practicing take away.  On the assessment Friday everyone got 80% or better!  WOOHOO MONSTERS!  We even used jelly beans to subtract and then we graphed our jelly beans!  Then we got to eat the jelly beans!
Mustache Mania subtraction puzzles!
Fuzzy subtraction puzzles!

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Jelly Bean subtraction and graphing!
Our math centers this week also included addition!  Animals…eggs…mustaches…sunglasses… dominoes… dinosaurs and unicorns…all helped us add this week!  

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This week we also learned about vowels and the magic E!  We wrapped up our vowel week with this super adorable and fun project from First Grade Fever!  The students spell their name and then they complete a data sheet about their name!  We had a blast!  This is a great way to see if they recognize vowels and consonants and you tie math and literacy together.  BAM!  Meeting those common core standards!
The monsters have also become fascinated with using the dictionary!  They are trying to fill up their Write The Room books before the end of the year so they’ve hit the dictionary skills hard!  
We also celebrated Easter this week with this adorable craftivity!  I saw this on Facebook (My friend Christy’s Preschool shared the picture!) and just had to do it!
And of course no week in the kindergarten smorgasboard is ever complete without our silly hats!  This week we celebrated Easter (better late than never!) with these super cute silly hats!  These were inspired by Learning With Ms. Parker!

And how was your week?!
Tomorrow I will be participating in a super fun Boot Scootin blog hop with some of my fellow Tennessee bloggers!  Be sure to visit to get this super fun freebie!

Here is my newest common core aligned creation!  I finished this up last night!  This is perfect for the end of the year!  I made quiz quiz trade games for 11 skills (addition, subtraction, letters, numbers, beginning sounds, ten frames and more!) that are perfect for morning meeting, transition times or just as fun and engaging review game!  Check them out!  
And here is what I am working on now!  I grew up just outside of Louisville so I love Kentucky Derby time!  Be on the lookout!!

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