A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday and Boot Scootin Blog Hop!

Howdy ya’ll!  Happy Sunday!  Let’s do some lesson planning!

Click on the picture to download my weekly plans!
This week is all about weather, subtraction and vowels in the kindergarten smorgasboard!  

Weather week kicks off with my all time favorite book, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs!  I have loved this book since I first read it way back (waaaay back) in elementary school!  After we read the story the monsters will complete a story map focusing on the problems the people faced and how they solved the problems.  We will also talk about how this story is fiction and why.
We will work on vowels again this week.  This week we will be working on hearing all the vowel sounds and sorting those sounds.  There will be a strong emphasis on E and I again this week because those two sounds really trip the monsters up.  To celebrate vowels, we will be making a vowel hat (of course!)  to help us remember AEIOU are vowels!
click here to get your free vowel hat!
We will also be writing about weather.  Today’s writing prompt will be:  Cloudy with a chance of…
We will be using all of our writing later this week in a fun art project (see, art and writing means art helps meet common core standards!)
This week we continue our journey through the land of all things take away!  We will review subtraction and what it means (take away, minus, subtract) and do a few practice problems to get ourselves warmed up.  Then I will read the book, Roll Over and we will discuss taking away.
We will be doing this amazingly fun subtraction idea from my friend Faith!  She wrote a guest post for me last week about making learning real and she shared this super idea! 
We will be using this idea to practice story problems.  I will make up stories about eating french fries and the monsters will solve the subtraction problem!
And since we’re doing weather and my favorite book, we will be doing this super cute art project!
We will use sprinkles, pretzels, and chex to make a cloudy with a chance of meatballs picture!

We continue our weather week with the story The Wind Blew!  After reading the story we will brainstorm all the things the wind could blew.  The monsters will complete a story map to help them comprehend the story (we’re focusing on characters and setting and plot until the end of the year!).
The monsters will finish the prompt:  The wind can blow…
And we will be working hard on vowels.  We will be using this super cute resource from my friend Dana at Fun In 1st Grade!  (She’s a Tennessee girl who lives just down the road from me…and we have yet to meet.  What’sup with that?!)
In math, we continue our subtraction fun by stepping up our game.  Today the monsters will have to figure out how to solve the subtraction problem with no pictures or manipulatives.  They will have to figure out how to write the problem (and hopefully) draw pictures to help them find the answer.  (Of course, we will be modeling this for them as we work through the problems!)
Weather week continues with our fun wind activity!  The students will receive a straw and a feather.  Each student will become the wind.  They will see how far they can blow their feather.  We will record our answers on our class chart!    And we will of course make a weather hat!
click the picture to download your free weather hat!
HUMP DAY!  Weather week continues with the story Chilly Milly Moo!  Milly is too hot to work and make butter!  Then it gets cold.  Poor Milly!  We will figure out the problem Milly has and the solution as well as our story map.  We will also discuss temperature and what kind of weather we experience when it’s hot and when it’s cold.  
The monsters will do to writing prompts today!  
Rain is…
Snow is…
We will also continue our vowel work with more practice in identifying and sorting vowels.  We will also work on blending words without the magic E (hop) and with the magic E (hope).  Several of the monsters picked up on this last week with their word study (word study rocks people!)  and in their independent reading.  I can’t wait to see how much they blossom with some guided practice! 
Math continues with subtraction word problems.  We will use manipulatives to solve story problems that Mr. Greg creates.  This will be a whole group lesson so we can begin to understand that the bigger number goes first when we subtract and then we take away.
Our wacky world of weather week storms on (like that?!  haha  storms on!)  with a weather flapbook. Each student will make a flap book about different types of weather:  sunny, rainy, stormy, snowy.  The outside flap will be the type of weather and inside the flap the monsters will illustrate their weather.
(Our project is a combination of these two ideas!  The flap book is from Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten!)
We will also do an umbrella art project to go with our rain and snow writing!
The monsters will be able to decorate their umbrella however they want!  They will then add rain drops or snowflakes!
Our Wacky World of Weather week blows on (blows…like the wind…haha)!  
We will read the story Hello Sun!  The story is about weather and clothing.  It’s super fun reading and is great for all kinds of weather! 
The monsters will make text-to-self connections about clothing we wear when it’s hot and cold and windy and rainy.    They will also complete a story map for the book.
We will be doing a fun art and writing project in one!  We have done writing prompts all week for rain, snow, wind and weather   Today we will publish those writing prompts on strips of paper and use those to make a weather windsock  The monsters will draw a weather picture on white paper and we will attach our strips to the bottom of the paper.  Then we will roll the paper to make a windsock!  
This idea came from The First Grade Parade!
Of course, we continue our work with vowels and word study!
In math we will be working on more subtraction story problems.  Today I will be pulling small groups to work with those students who need some extra glittery love with their subtraction skills! 
We made it!  Friday!  Woohoo!
Wacky Weather Week wraps up with our friend, Miss Mingo Weathers The Storm!  I love Miss Mingo!  I feel she’s a little neurotic like me!
In math we will wrap up our subtraction with an assessment.  I predict 90% of the students will master subtraction this week!!!
Wacky weather week wraps up with a fun and messy art project!  It’s a shaving cream thunderstorm!
(this idea comes from the blog, SB Creatively)
You mix shaving cream and glue and a little black paint together.  When the gray goop dries, it feels spongy.  The monsters will color the rain and lightning and add those to their cloud!
And of course, we enjoy our Foodie Fun Friday snack!
It’s an orange and strawberry sun!  And it’s healthy (which means EXPENSIVE!)
And that wraps up another week of engaging young minds while those minds wear silly hats!  It’s all in a week’s learning in the kindergarten smorgasboard!
Of course, there will be word study, picture sorts, an emergent reader and a poem!  And lots of laughing, learning, aha moments and crying (all Mr. Greg of course)!
click the picture to get your free emergent reader!
What are your plans for the week?
And now, something fun!  It’s a Boot Scootin Blog Hop!  I am joining in with some of my fellow Tennessee bloggers to bring you some fun freebies!  
My freebie is an homage to the place I call home!  The one and only MUSIC CITY USA!  I love Nashville (in fact, you should be on the look out for a Nashville themed set of math and literacy centers coming soon!!!!!!!!!)   so I made this fun addition activity for our centers this week!  
Students roll two or three dice and add (count the dots) and stamp (or color) the number!  Click the picture to download your freebie!
After you get your freebie, pull on those cowboy boots and line dance your way over to another lady who lives down the road from me but I’ve never met (again, why!?)!  LaToya from Flying Into First Grade!

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