Another Schedulin Sunday!  Only 4 more (including this one!) and then it’s summer!  What will I blog about on Sundays this summer???  HMMMM

This week’s Schedulin Sunday is going to look different.  Because our schedule looks different.  Because our days look different.  Because this week we are not educating our students.  Instead we will be administering a standardized test to our kindergartners   Yes, the time has come to administer the SAT-10 to our 5 year olds.  Bubbles and all.  Let me make a statement and then I’ll move on:  This is the point that every parent and community member should be outraged.  We’re losing an entire week of EDUCATING YOUR CHILDREN just to give them a standardized test.  That’s right.  This week we will not be educating your child.  We’re testing them.   How does that make you feel?

And now, our crazy Schedulin Sunday-SAT-10 version!

Today is Q in our alphabet countdown!  That means a wedding!  Today is the wedding of Q and U!  The boys will be making bow-ties to wear and the girls will be making veils.  The bow-ties are just a simple bow-tie pattern cut out of black construction paper.  The boys add a Q to their bow-tie   The girls will make their veil from a sentence strip and white streamers.  On the veil will be a U.
We will hold our wedding ceremony with Mr. Q and Mrs. U walking down the aisle with their wedding party (the monsters)!  After our ceremony we will be enjoying a QU cake and juice! 
I love this day because it’s so much fun to see the monsters giggling and laughing about Q and U getting married!  This is also a powerful lesson for the learning goal:  q and u are always working together in words!
SAT 10.  See commentary above.
As part of my plan to help release the stress from my monsters, we’re going to tackle an ambitious art project this week!  We’re going to make sillouhettes of ourselves.  We’re going to pose in an action pose on black paper.  Mr. Greg will trace our outline and cut it out.  After we get them all cut out, we will be covering them in colorful paper circles! 
This idea came from The Art Room At The Falcon Academy of Creative Arts!  I saw this pin on Pinterest and thought why can’t we do this in Kindergarten?!  So we’re going for it!

Today we will celebrate Cinco de Mayo!  We will read an original story written by my amazing teammate, Ms. Denney.  It’s called If You Give A Tiger A Taco!  After reading the story, we will be making ponchos and sombreros   
To make the ponchos, you need brown grocery bags (usually Publix will donate them to you if you ask nicely!) and paint!
Simply cut the sides out of the bags so the students arms will fit in the bag.  Cut a hole in the bottom of the bag for the head.  Students can paint their ponchos with paint.   When dry, just slip them on!
To make the sombreros, cut out large circles from white poster board   Again, allow students to paint the circle with their paints.  Provide students with a small paper bowl and allow them to paint the bowl.   Use the bowl to measure another smaller circle inside the large poster-board   Cut out this small circle to make a place for the sombrero to sit on the student’s heads!  When all is dry, glue the bowl to the middle of the poster board!  
As part of our Cinco de Mayo celebration we will be making tacos in our classroom on Friday!  
Also, our ABC countdown continues this week!
Monday-Q-QU wedding
Thursday-N-Noodle Newt  (I color pasta noodles green using food coloring and rubbing alcohol.  The students then glue the noodles onto a lizard cut out!  Noodle Newt!)
Friday-M-Monkey-monkey bag puppet!
Here’s a little Cinco de Mayo freebie for you!
Check out my newest Common Core Creation!  Measuring Cinco De Mayo!

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