A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Monday Made It And How To Video!

Another day of summer break…so nice.  Am I right?!  I am up super early this morning because the CEO of The Kindergarten Smorgasboard decided we weren’t sleeping in today.  Normally the furry little human (or at least he thinks he’s a human!) sleeps until I wake up…not today.  But that just means more time to be productive!

This post has a lot going on…so buckle up!  Here we go!

First things first…a major announcement…The Kindergarten Smorgasboard has taken a giant leap and is now… A DOT COM!!!!!!!!  That’s right!  https://thekindergartensmorgasboard.com is now the address for everyone’s favorite blog!  (Don’t worry, nothing changes except the address but all links and bookmarks and everything stay the same!)  I am very excited to be own dot com!  WOOHOO!

And now Monday means Monday Made It!  I am linking up with my friend Tara at 4th Grade Folics for her Monday Made It party!

First I want to share another little project we did for the world headquarters!  
I have these little green stools (99 cents from Ikea!) that I have used in my classroom.  Sadly, my new classroom is too small for them so they were going to storage.  And since we still needed 2 small tables for our balcony paradise, I decided to spray paint those stools to make tables.   They turned out super cute and are the perfect size!  (Now I have 4 stools that might fit into my classroom…)
Here is the highlight of today’s blog post!  ANOTHER VIDEO!
I found this pin on Pinterest which shared how creativewithkids.com makes books for her kids.  After checking it out I decided that I just had to learn how to make these.  I am so excited about these!  
Now, if you’re like me, sewing is dangerous.  It is a very good possibility that I will end up with my head sewn to the carpet before I could sew anything together.  But this was actually pretty simple.  People, if I did it, you can do it!
You need:
white copy paper
color copy paper
needle (large needle with a large eye)
Stack 1 sheet of color copy paper and 4-5 sheets of white paper together
Fold in half.
Poke your needle through the spine in the center of your book.
Pull the needle and thread through.
Move the needle down the spine and poke the needle through the spine.  
Pull through.
Move the needle past the original center hole and poke through again.
Bring the needle back through the original hole.
Tie the ends around the string.
BAM!  A book!  Now were those directions totally confusing?!  Yeah, me too.  So I made a YouTube video to show ya how it’s done!  (It’s much easier to see than read…trust me!)
I plan to use these books for:
writing journals, word study journals, write the room books, math journals, science journals, autograph books…what will you use them for?  Leave a comment with your idea and I’ll pick a winner to get my newest creation!
And finally, I finished a new Common Core creation!  This is one of my favorites because it’s a tribute to my city!  Nashville!  Music City USA!  
Boot Scootin’ Boogy!  Country Music Themed Math and Literacy Centers!  13 centers (6 literacy and 7 math centers) all common core aligned and created to be very simple to set up!  These are the centers I will use to introduce my students to centers and center procedures!
And finally, A SALE!  Today only!  My editable mustache sight word pack is 50% off!  
Thanks to my sweet friend, Lisa at Growing Firsties for the cute graphic!
Be sure to check back because each day this week one of my common core creations will be 50% off for 1 day only!

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