A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday: Septemeber 15th, 2013

It’s Schedulin’ Sunday!!  I am such a teaching dork that I get so excited to sit down and create lessons for my little ‘staches!!!  I can’t help it!  It’s just so much fun to see all the ideas and tips and activities that are out there just waiting to be used to make a child have a light bulb moment!  It’s also inspiring to see the hard work, dedication and creativity of teachers!  Teachers rock!  
So let’s get on with it…shall we?!
Click the picture to download my weekly lesson plans!
This week is our T-riffic week!  It’s all about the letter T, our 5 senses, and sorting!  

We kick off our T-riffic week with our Monday sound lesson!  We introduce the sound of T and the ‘staches generate words that start with the T sound.  As they come up with the T words, Mr. Greg makes a lame attempt to draw them!  Remember, Monday is only the sound so I do not write the name of the words, I just draw the picture!  Then the  students listen for T words.  If they hear T at the beginning of the words I say, they give a thumbs up!  If they don’t hear the T sound, it’s a thumbs down.    
We will introduce our sight words for the week (a, and, blue) and read them, spell them, and write them!  
Our story for the day is The Teeny Tiny Teacher!  As we were planning last week we were trying to come up with a good book with lots of T in it.  Randomly, one of the ‘staches brought me a book to read and it was The Teeny Tiny Teacher!  It’s like teaching destiny!!  
After reading the story, we will create a story map to help us build our re-tell skills!  
For our silly hat for T we will be making a TELEVISION hat!

I get a lot of questions about my hats!  These are from my friend Jenifer at Simply Kinder!  You can check them out by clicking on the picture!
Writing will be handwriting practice on the iPad and then independent practice with our handwriting books!
Math is all about sorting, counting and graphing this week!  Today we kick off our sorting fun by sorting our shoes!  Hopefully, we will have a variety of shoes since the weather here is so nice right now!  We will discuss how we sorted our shoes (color, size, type, etc) and then we will do some independent sorting!  We will sort shape stickers which means we are sorting by…shape!  After we sort our shapes we will count how many of each shape we have and then we will graph them using this little graph I created!  Click the picture for your free download!
This week is all about our 5 Senses!  We will read My 5 Senses by Aliki and talk about each sense.  After our discussions, we will do a Mr. Potato Head craftivity!  I found this idea at Mrs. Amy’s Class blog (through Pinterest!).  There wasn’t a template or directions on the website so I headed over to TPT and found a great Mr. Potoato Head craftivity from Marta and just had to have it!  
Today we continue our T-riffic week by reviewing our T words circle map.  We will identify the pictures (even with Mr. Greg’s horrid drawing…) and we will identify the first sound and Mr. Greg will spell the words.    We will practice counting syllables in each of the words.  
We will read The Popcorn Popper and make a chart of rhyming words!
We will write about our sense of sight using a predictable chart:  “I see…” and ” I hear…”
In math we will continue sorting!  Today we will be sorting buttons by the number of holes in the buttons!
I found this adorable sorting pack from my pal Mrs. Hodge and just had to use it this week!
What I love is that I can print it in color to do a whole group lesson and I can print in in black and white for independent work!!
In science, we will use our popcorn popper to pop some popcorn.  We will use our 5 senses to describe the popcorn and complete a chart!  Click on the picture to download your free chart labels!
And since today is Constitution Day we will write our class pledge (constitution) that we didn’t get to last week and make a red, white and blue hat that we didn’t get to last week!  
If you are interested in the amazing hat being modeled by the amazing mister, just click the picture to see the post with the hat template!
T-riffic week continues with a T picture sort and the story The Button Box.  After reading the book, we will discuss the book and all of the sorting that happened in the book.  We will practice our rhyming words and syllables and sight words.  
Today’s writing is another 5 senses predictable chart for the sense of taste!  “I feel…”
Math is more sorting!  Today we will sort and count and graph by size!  I will give the ‘staches a pile of large, medium and small paper squares.  They will sort them by size and graph how many of each size they have!
click for your free graph!
Our 5 senses adventure continues with bridge maps!!  We will create bridge maps for each of the 5 senses.  
We will list the organ (eyes, nose, mouth, hands, ears) and then the bridge will be “helps us” and then we will brainstorm all of the things each organ helps us do!
And for some afternoon fun for our T-riffic week, we will make tie dye coffee filters!  It’s simple!  Each child uses regular markers to color a coffee filter.  Then you spritz it with water.  And BAM!  Tie dye coffee filters!
Today we will read Goodnight Moon and work on rhyming words.  Today we will try to produce rhyming words.  We are really good at identifying words that rhyme so we’re going to see if we can produce rhyming words!
We will write another 5 senses predictbale chart:  “I smell…”  and “I taste…”
Math will be more sorting!  Today we will sort ten frames!  Each stache will take a turn.  They will choose a ten frame card from the pile.  They will count the dots and sort the card into the correct number!
We will continue exploring our 5 senses with this amazing taste activity from Mrs. Plant’s Press!  
We will taste lemons (sour), M&Ms (sweet), pretzels (salty), and unsweetened chocolate (bitter) and decide if we like it or not.  Then we will graph our favorite taste.
CAUTION!  I have a friend who did this activity with her kinders last week and um, yeah, apparently one child threw up everywhere.  I will be on vomit patrol with the trash can ready during this!  
People, we’re going to blow some kinder minds today.  It’s TIES, TIARAS and TIE DYE day in kinder!  We can wear tie dye shirts, ties and tiaras for the day.  And you know, I am wearing ALL THREE AT THE SAME TIME!
We will end our week with a simple read aloud that was written my one of my teaching mentors and friends, Ms. Denney!  We will read:  If You Give A Tiger A Taco!  We will re-tell the story by sequencing and creating a flow map.  (This story isn’t available…if you’re interested I can ask Ms. D if I can share…)
We will finish up our 5 senses writing by publishing our sentences.  Each child will write their sentence from the week and draw pictures to go with the sentences.
To wrap up our sorting fun, we will be doing a family sort!  Each child will receive a magazine and will locate pictures of people that look like:  dad, mom, brother, sister, grandparents.  When they find a picture, they will cut it out and glue it on our class chart!  
We will also compile an anchor chart similiar to this one from The First Grade Parade!
And of course, no week is complete without Foodie Fun Friday!  This week…of course is TACOS!!!  And we will make the letter T using Trix cereal!
All of this great Common Core learning…plus our weekly poem, our emergent reader, our morning meeting (sparkle fingers and the number game this week!), calendar time, our literacy block routine…and all of the great teachable moments that pop up!
And don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a $25 Oriental Trading gift card!  Hurry!  It ends tonight!

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