A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Saturday Kindergarten Post!

Happy World Teacher’s Day!  Teachers rock!!  And this teacher is exhausted.  Our first 9 weeks is over.  I have assessed my ‘staches and half of them are reading on grade level already!  Our growth already has been amazing!  And yesterday was our fall festival!  It was a HUGE success!  But exhausting.

I was in charge of the decorating for the festival.  I had an amazing team who created this amazing entry for our festival!

This week was all about Bats and Cats!  I am so amazed at how much the ‘staches have learned about bats!    And yes, they now know that bats do not make us into vampires!  It’s amazing how engaged students are when they think something is cool.  

These cylinder bats are now hanging from our ceiling!  They look so cute!  The ‘staches love them!  They are so easy to make and make a great kick off to bat week!  

We graphed whether we did or did not like bats!  Surprisingly we like bats.

We painted hand print bats!

We labeled parts of a bat!
We played a spin and graph game!  Cats vs. bats!
And we made a cat.  And of course, a black cat needs black glitter.  And of course, the kindergarten smorgasboard has black glitter!
And since it was bats and cats week, we learned our first word family!  We made a class chart of -at words and recorded those words on our paper!  I was so impressed at how well they could read -at words by the end of the week!  WAY TO GO BATS AND CATS!
And we ended bats and cats week by writing about cats and bats!
Since we have a firm grasp on the addition concept, we worked on story problems this week.  We used our animal plates to help us solve addition story problems.  I would read them a story problem and they would use counters in the animals ears.  We then wrote the equations on our class chart.
Overheard with the plates:  “OMG I HAVE NEMO!”
This week we learned the letter N!  Of course, we had to make a silly hat!  So, what’s better than a nest hat for N?!

And of course, Friday means Foodie Fun Friday!  And n means noodles!
All of our common core aligned bat activities came from my bat mini-creation!

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