A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin’ Sunday!

It’s back!  After a 2 week break thanks to my 2 week fall break, it’s back to reality!  It’s time for Schedulin Sunday!  It’s a peek at our busy busy week!  The next two weeks is all about scarecrows, Frankenstein and pumpkins!  This week is Scotty Scarecrow week!    So here’s what our week looks like…
Click here for my weekly Common Core aligned lesson plans!
I got a question about my Morning Meeting plans so I want to answer it… in my plans for morning meeting, it says G, A, M.  That just means:  G=greeting (our greeting for the day), A=activity (the quick activity we will do) and M=message (what I will write in the message).
We kick off our week with an old favorite:  There Was An Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid Of Anything.  As we read, the ‘staches will help me with the story by making the sounds.  After the story, we will make a living flow map (the ‘staches will hold pictures from the story and we will put them in order) and then they will complete a flow map independently.
We will also brainstorm C words and Mr. Greg will make his lame attempt at drawing our pictures.
We will also celebrate the letter C!   And you know what that means!!  SILLY HAT TIME!
We will make a crow hat!  C for crow and it is perfect for our scarecrow week!!
In math, we will be learning about position words!  We will start off by hunting for the cow.  I will read a simple story about a farmer looking for a cow.  The students will take turns using a farmer stick puppet and placing him in the correct position.  For example:  The farmer looked on top of the barn for the cow.  A stache will place the farmer on top of the cow.  We will repeat so everyone has a turn.  At the end, we find the cow in the barn.   Then we will complete a cut and paste activity.  The students will color a troll according to teacher directions and cut out the troll and glue it in the position as instructed.  This is great for position words, colors and listening and following directions! 
We kick off Scotty Scarecrow week with a thinking map about scarecrows.  We will complete a can/have/are tree map about scarecrows and complete a scarecrow craftivity!
We continue Scotty Scarecrow week with another favorite:  There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves!
After reading the story we will create another living flow map and the ‘staches will complete a flow map to build their sequencing skills.
We will work on C words by naming our C pictures from Monday and work on spelling our words.
For shared writing, we will write a  how to poster on how to make a scarecrow and the ‘staches will illustrate our writing!
In math, we continue our search for the troll using our position words!  Each child will receive a tree work mat and a troll.  I will give directions about where to place the troll.  I will monitor the ‘staches to see that they’re understanding position words.  After we have practiced whole group, the staches will complete a teacher directed cut and paste activity.
Scotty Scarecrow week continues with a labeling activity.  We will label the parts of a scarecrow whole group and then the ‘staches will label their own scarecrow.  After we label the scarecrow, we will complete a scarecrow glyph!  
Click the picture to get your free scarecrow glyph!
We continue our Scotty Scarecrow week with the story:  Leaf Man!
After reading the story we will discuss leaves, our favorite leaf color and how leaf man came to be!  We will also share our favorite part of the story.
For writing, we will complete a predictable chart:  I see the ….scarecrow.  The staches will finish the sentence with the type of scarecrow they see.
In math, we continue with position words and trolls!  
We will continue scarecrow week by making our own leaf man.  Now…I know many people make leaf man from real leaves…but our leaves haven’t changed colors much and are still in the trees!  So, we have to get creative!  
We have four different leaf shapes and colors to choose from!  The staches will get to to choose their own leaf and make a leaf man!  
We will also graph our favorite leaf color!  The staches will get a leaf and color it red, orange, yellow, or brown.  We will make a graph of our favorite colors and complete a recording sheet!
We will read Red Leaf Yellow Leaf and discuss what happens to leaves in the fall.
Today we will also color our sight word grids and do a picture sort for C and O words!  This is our assessment for C and a pre-assessment for O which is our letter next week!
For writing, we will do a predictable chart:  Leaves are….
In math, we continue with position words!  Today we make a class book.  This is one of my favorites!  We start by reviewing our position word vocabulary and then composing sentences about what position we are in.  For example:  Mr. Greg is under the table.    Each student composes their own sentence.  Then, we take a picture of each child acting out their sentence.  I print the pictures and make them into a class book!  
Scotty Scarecrow week continues with a fun and messy art project!  It’s squishy painting!  Each child gets a white piece of construction paper and folds the paper in half.  They open the paper and I squirt red, brown, yellow and orange paint onto the fold (just a small amount of each).  They fold the paper and squish!  Then they open the paper and we have a beautiful fall tree!  When the paint is dry, we add a trunk!
The staches will then complete a leaf spin and graph activity!
We will wrap up Scarecrow week with the story of The Lonely Scarecrow!  We will share our favorite part and share our favorite part of scarecrow week.
We will publish our leaf writing and add illustrations.
In math, we will complete a cut and paste assessment for position words.
We will practice counting using candy corn.  Each child will get a candy corn counting mat and will count the correct pieces of candy onto the mat.  After we count, we will eat the candy corn.
We will then complete a torn paper candy corn art project.  We might even paint candy corn using our feet!
Click for your free work mat!
And of course, it’s Friday so that means FOODIE FUN FRIDAY!
Today we will be making Scarecrow Crunch!  I will provide the ‘staches with the ingredients for Scarecrow Crunch and we will mix up a batch of scarecrow crunch!
This is also a big week for us because we’re kicking off our Word Study during our writing time!  For the first few weeks (depending on how well we master the procedure and sorting skills) we do our word sorts together as a whole group.  On Friday, the ‘staches will complete their own sort.  We will start this week with shapes to get used to expectations and procedures.  I will be sharing more on word study as we get into it and start to work more independently.  I will say the benefit of doing word study-MUCH BETTER WRITERS!
Our activities, craftivities and graphing activities come from these common core creations:

(These resources also contain center activities!)
Here is our poem for the week if you would like a copy.  I did not write this.  I found it online and cannot find who wrote it.  If you wrote it please let me know so I can credit you!

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