Happy Day after Christmas!  I hope everyone enjoyed a festive day full of love, family, friends and joy!  And I hope you got something you wanted!!!!  I was blessed with family and friends and great gifts!

Today I want to share some freebies with you!  Just in time for a new year, some fun 2014 roll and color games, a new year poem and emergent reader!  All of these have been updated for 2014!  The roll and color games have new games added for 1 or 2 dice!  And they’re all FREE!!!

These go perfectly with my newly updated new year’s creation!
And now how about a little give away?!
I have been working hard on this…and then took a few days off for Christmas…and now it’s finished!
I LOVE THE OLYMPICS!  I’m a dork like that.  Love the ceremonies…the games…the music!  I’m super excited that it’s time for more Olympics!  I can’t wait to bring this event into my classroom!
There are over 100 pages of math and literacy center activities included!
Who wants to win this and my new year’s pack?  Just leave me a comment with the best Christmas present you received!  I’ll pick a winner for the new year’s pack and a winner for the Olympics pack!
(and if you want to pin these or share them on FB I won’t be mad!)
And in case you’re looking for something to do this weekend…come to Nashville and play with me!
click the picture to sign up!

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