A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Five For Friday!

It’s Friday!  That means i’m linking up with my pal Doodlebugs Teaching for the Five For Friday!  Today was supposed to be my last day of break…but we just got word that we are delaying re-opening for 1 day due to cold.  True story.  It’s a “cold day” Tuesday!  So Monday is a day off…Tuesday is a work day and the ‘staches return Wednesday!  Welcome to the south…where you get days off for too cold, too hot, too much rain and a snowflake.  It’s one of the very few perks of southern living!  Now, how bout some pics from my week?
Happy day!  I ordered new custom made bookshelves for our classroom library and they were delivered today!  I am so happy with how it looks!  All of the books fit, they are more accessible for the ‘staches and it’s much prettier.  We have an amazing organization here in Nashville called “Nashville Tools For Schools’ who build furniture for teachers and you just pay for materials.  My shelves were $156 and then they found some extra grant money so they were free!!!!!!  And notice my fancy new window treatment?!  Stay tuned for a blog post on those!  And I do mean fancy…

Who doesn’t need 6 glittery notebooks in 6 different colors!?  What if they’re only $1?!  I have no idea what I’ll be using them for…but I bought them.  Ya know I love me some glitter!  Maybe I’ll make one of them my idea notebook for new creations?!  
PS  I am loving the new lens I bought for my camera!  I WILL figure out how to take better pictures with the fancy camera!  I WILL BEAT THE CAMERA!

And more glitter!  How about glitter wrapping paper on the bulletin boards.  It’s glittery.  It sparkles just like me and it matches my room colors!  Now, the border is missing (actually I put the border on today….) BUT I’m involved in a very top secret mission so the border is classified as “Need to know!” and you’ll soon need to know…I’m seriously bursting to share my top secret mission…this box at the world headquarters if just dying to be shared with the world.  It’s coming!  

Today I printed my latest center creations!  That’s over 100 pages of activities!  Who wants to help cut?!  Oh wait…I have a helper!
Seriously…how awesome is the mister?!

And finally, here’s to the best year ever from all of us at The Kindergarten Smorgasboard!  Happy New Year!
PS  I’m still trying to figure out my one word for the new year…ambition?  success?  growth?  I dunno…glitter?  sparkle?
What’s your one word?
And the winner of the give away on yesterday’s blog is:  maeberry and jeanieb  check your email!
How about a Friday give away?  I gave this bad boy a major update yesterday…and it’s on sale for $4…and it’s 230 pages of sight word fun.  It was a huge hit in my room last year so I can’t wait to roll out the new and improved version!   Leave a comment with your one word for 2014 (AND EMAIL!) and I’ll pick a winner tomorrow!
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