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Well, here we are.  Snow day #3.  Here’s the downside of being in a 75,000 student district that covers a very large county.  I live in the southern half of the county.  It’s nice and dry here.  In the northern half of the county, they’re at a much higher elevation which means it’s still very icy.  You see, there’s this little town in the northern half of our county called Joelton.  We usually love Joelton because we can always count on them for a snow day.  Seriously, the county will be clear and Joelton will be slick so we all get a day off.  We don’t do delays so it’s all or nothing.  Normally I’m pulling for ya,  Joelton, but not today.  I wanted to have purple glittery hair for wild hair day.  Sad. Day.

Well, my snow day is your gain people!  I’ve got two freebies for you and an awesome collaboration opportunity!  So here ya go!

This week was supposed to be piggy week for us.  Scratch that.  Next week will be piggy leprechaun week…I created some freebies for piggy week that I wanted to share!  These will be a perfect addition to any lesson or unit on the three little pigs!

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