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Happy Thursday!  We finally went back to school today after 3 snow days and it was a crazy busy day!  But we did manage to make another classroom video for you and I did get some assessing done thanks to my new ESGI software!  Stay tuned for more on that later!

Today you can see our calendar routine!  This is our routine in it’s entirety.  Much like morning meeting, this is scaffolded to lead to independence.  At the beginning of the year, we do one or two skills a week and add on as we go.  At first Mr. Greg does all of the writing and then slowly I turn the marker over to the ‘staches.  (Eventually this will all be on our Promethean Board when it arrives!)

You can watch the video here or head over to YouTube to watch it.  (I tried a new video technique…not sure I like it…we’re working on perfecting these videos!)

Please leave me comments and let me know if you have any questions!  
And remember, you’re seeing the real thing.  This is how we act everyday…no pretend here!  I hope you find this useful and walk away with an idea you can use!
How about a give away!?
My newest creation!  This is great for introducing CVC-E (long vowel) words or for RTI for students who are struggling with these words.  
Leave a comment about our calendar routine and I’ll choose a winner tomorrow!  (Remember your email!)

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