Saturday Kindergarten Post: Dr. Suess

Happy Saturday!  I just got home from my final grad school class for my ELL certification.  No more Friday night and Saturday classes!  Just 3 assignments to complete and I am FINISHED!  WOOHOO!!
So, here was our week:  Monday:  Ice day.  Tuesday:  Ice day.  Wednesday:  Surprise Ice Day.   Yep, just two days in the classroom.  Soooooo I scrapped the plans for the week and whipped up a little Dr. Seuss fun (even though I’m anti Seuss…) and worked on report card assessments.  So here’s what we did in two short and CRAZY days!
Of course we cooked Green Eggs and Ham!  We read Green Eggs And Ham.  We graphed if we like green eggs and ham.  PS  I love the egg graph.  LOVE IT!!!!

We made Thing 1 And Thing 2 hats!!!  Love these hats!!!  How cute are my little ‘staches in their hats?!

We did our circle map for W!  I love this for sounds because it reviews the sound and syllables and spelling words.  Love it!

Of course we made hats…W means WIGS!

We drew pictures of words that begin with W.  We came up with witch, windy, watermelon, whale, weird and well.  I love this activity because it gives the ‘staches a chance to review the sound and apply that sound.  I also love all of the fun pictures and variations on the same pictures!
We also did A LOT of centers for two days.  Report cards=assessments=centers=engaged learners!
It’s almost March Madness time so why not bring that madness into our centers?!

This is my newest word building creation.  My struggling readers have rocked this center this week.  One of the ‘staches build, wrote and read 20 CVC-E words during centers Thursday and she was beside herself with excitement.  I love seeing them cherish their aha moments!!  PRICELESS!

A little luck o’ the Irish!  We are working on those dreaded teen numbers quite a bit!  

Who doesn’t love QR codes?!

My highest readers took the new What Does The Fox Say Blends Edition centers and went blends crazy!!  They’re loving them and they’re doing so well with their blends!
And finally, some segmenting practice!  I love that this not only lets them practice segmenting but also incorporates graphing!!  
And finally it was Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character day so I dressed as my most favorite book ever!  Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs!  Of course we also read the book!  
And that’s our week!

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