A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Five For Friday: Cher and I Teach K

Happy Friday!  Is anyone else as exhausted as me!?  This week has almost done me in!  I am too old for late nights on school nights!

Here is my Five For Friday goodness…and it’s Cher-tastic…

We were 8 rows from the stage!!!  This lady is a true diva and the concert was AHMAZING!!!!  But really..I’m too old to stay out til 12:30 on a school night!  And we won’t talk about the couple in front of us being so inappropriate!
This week I got my I Teach K brochure in the mail….People, it’s happening.  Just seeing this and typing this made my blood pressure go up and my heart race!  YIKES
I am super excited but super nervous to present 3 sessions and meet everyone.  AND there is something else top secret in the works for the conference…oh yeah!
Just your obligatory picture of The Kindergarten Smorgasboard CEO!  He has severe allergies so he’s highly medicated…but always happy!  Kind of like his dad…
And for fun…this is my “I JUST GAVE DIRECTIONS AND THE SAME 3 STACHES ASK WHAT TO DO.” face.  It’s a blurry picture because it was taken by a 5 year old!
 Mind you…one of the staches was talking, singing or drumming…the other one was doodling on everything she can…and the third one was just in outer space…
And finally…I got this message from a fellow teacher in Wisconsin…hehehe  how stinkin’ funny!

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