Happy Tuesday.   I hope it was a great day.

This week we are learning about -ar words (star, car, fart, etc) using Babbling Abby’s Pirate Mark Unit!  It’s AMAZE-BALLS!  You really should get it and use it.  Click the link…for real…or walk the plank.

Since Pirate Mark is running amuck in our classroom, I thought I’d bring some pirate fun to math time too.  We already have pirates helping us subtract so how about some pirate graphing?  Ahoy, matey, it’s a freebie!

First off, these cubes.  I.am.obsessed.  If you don’t have some, go to Amazon right now and order a set, or two or six.  Seriously…the uses for these things are endless.

Click the picture to go to amazon and order a few sets.
OK, my love affair with these cubes is over…onto the graphing pirates!
It’s such a simple and QUIET activity!  Roll the cube.  Graph.  When one column reaches the top, make tally marks and count how many!  Did I mention quiet and pirates?!  Ahoy, Common Core!

Snag your freebie below.  (If you don’t have cubes, just print the pictures and put them in a bag and they grab one out, graph it, return the picture to the bag and repeat!)

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