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HAPPY TEACHER APPRECIATION DAY!  I hope everyone got tons of love and appreciation today.  I just have to say this:  I have to be one of the luckiest guys around.  This journey is not about followers, or status or money.  This journey is about helping teachers reach every child in their care.  This journey is about connecting to teachers who inspire me and motivate me and push me to better everyday.  This journey is about teaching our students to the very best of our ability so that they can succeed at life.  This journey is about truly impacting the future.  One child and one classroom at a time.  I am privileged and honored to be surrounded and connected to so many amazing,  hard working, talented, caring, genuine, INSPIRING teachers.  I feel like every person who comments or emails or leaves a message on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is truly my friend.  I am so thankful for each of you and all of the seen and unseen things you do to make your children feel loved, cared for, and safe and for the education you provide them every day.  Our world is better because of each and everyone of you.  And I am better because of you.   TEACHERS ROCK!

(Let’s post and share this picture EVERYWHERE and let people know that we ROCK!  No really…save it, copy it.  Pin it.  Tweet it.  Facebook it.  Instagram it.  Let’s have this picture show up everywhere for the rest of the week.  Let’s see how far it can spread.  AND GO!)
And now another installment of Smorgie T.V!
(Graphics:  Meloheadz, Graphics From The Pond, Hello Literacy)
Today’s video is a great greeting for your morning meeting.  This is a greeting that will make everyone feel awesome as we start the day.  I also love that there is a lot of movement happening so the greeting also is the activity portion of morning meeting.
It works like this:
You gather in your morning meeting circle.  The chant goes like this:
“We are here.  We are here.  It’s an AWESOME day because (insert child’s name) is here!”  
The child then goes around the circle and gives everyone a high five!  When they return to their spot, you start the chant over again with the next child.  Continue until everyone is greeted, including the teacher.  
Seriously, who doesn’t want to start their day be having all of their friends chant that you’re awesome?!?!
A couple of tips:  remind them about easy high fives, remind them to keep their hand down low enough that everyone can reach it.  And…as some of my ‘staches experienced:  It’s not a smart choice to put your hand in front of your face when people are giving you a high five.  OUCH!
Let me know if you have questions or comments about the greeting!  
You can watch the video here or over on the smorgie YouTube channel!

And my shirt in the video?  It says:  The mustache is mightier than the sword.  Truer words have never been spoken!
And in case you didn’t know, there’s a big Teachers Pay Teachers HEARTS Teachers sale happening today and tomorrow!    I have been filling my cart with great new clip art because my mind is exploding with ideas for creations (If you have requests, tell me.  I am here to serve!) and some great resources!  Use the code TPTXO at checkout and you’ll save 28% of my creations!   And don’t forget that leaving feedback earns your credits which is FREE MONEY!!!!!  Just make sure it’s quality feedback and not just a period.  No really…a period…..just sayin!  Have fun shopping!

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