A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin’ Sunday: May 4th 2014

Happy Star Wars Day!  May the 4th be with you as you go full steam ahead through the end of the year!  How many more weeks do you have left?  We have 4 weeks left.  And there’s a lot to do in that 4 weeks!  YIKES!  But, I plan on keeping my ‘staches as busy as possible to keep them (and me) from going insane!  So here’s what’s on tap for this busy busy busy week!

As always, you can download a copy of my weekly plans by clicking on the picture!
This week in reading we will be reading non-fiction texts about the animal we decide to research for our PBL project.  We kick off this project Monday by voting on the animal for our project.  After that, it’s all research all the time on that animal!  Stay tuned…
We’re also reading Cinco de Mouse O and doing a flow map to sequence the story.  We’re also reading….brace yourselves…yes, this is happening.  Yes he reads that book…..Everyone Poops.  I read it every year when we’re wrapping up our oo words week.  People, it’s hilarious and a fun way to cement that learning!
Click on the pictures to check these books out at Amazon!
We will be working on reading “oo” words this week.  We will wrap up the week of “oo” with fruity loopy words!
We will use smelly markers to write our oo words and then we use fruit loops to make the two letter Os.  And we eat the fruit loops!  
In math, we’re hitting some areas that needs a refresher and some practice!  Skip counting, measurement and greater than less than!
We will be measuring Cinco de Mayo on Monday!
We will be practicing greater than less than on Thursday with our hands and cubes.  How many cubes can your hands grab?
I made these mats using my hands (the ‘staches LOVE these!).  They grab a handful of cubes and place it on one hand.  Repeat for the other hand.  Then they count, write and decide greater than and less than on their recording sheet.
Click the picture to get your free recording sheet from the freebies page!
Here are some more fun ideas for greater than and less than!  We will pull these into small groups and centers!  

For skip counting, we’re going to count by 5 and 10 using animals!  True story.  It’s a simple cut and paste activity to show our knowledge!
click the picture to get your free counting by 5 and 10 numbers!
We also have to celebrate Cinco De Mayo on Monday!  We will make sombreros and ponchos and eat tacos!
Click on the sombrero picture to go to my post to see how me made our sombreros.  I got the bags from Publix for free!  I just cut the sides out and cut a hole at the top for the poncho!
We will also celebrate the wedding of Q and U on Tuesday as part of our alphabet countdown!
We all dress up in our finest clothes.  We make bow ties for the boys and veils for the girls.  We walk down the aisle and celebrate the wedding of Q and U with cake and juice!

See, I told you it was a busy week.  Plus I’m out on Wednesday for a team planning day.  All of the kindergarten teachers are taking the day off to plan for next year!  WOOHOO!
Since our dinosaur unit got bumped from the plans…we’re going to read a dinosaur poem this week.  Be sure to download your copy!
I think that about covers it.  We will be doing Quiz Quiz Trade during morning meeting to review all of what we’ve learned this year!  We will be doing all sorts of buggy animal pirate centers all week.  At some point, Mr. Greg might have a small breakdown with all that’s going on this week…AND be sure to appreciate a fellow educator this week!  TEACHERS ROCK!
We will be using these creations in our class this week:

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